Saturday, September 8, 2018

I've seen these brows so much on social media lately and I've finally found a method that works on my brows. Keep reading if you want to know how to create these brows on yourself.

I have found a quick everyday method and a more enhanced method that both works great. First here are some more photos and then an explanation below those.

It's all in all actually just simple and easy, especially if you have naturally full brows like I do.
If you have sparse, thin brows, the first everyday method, probably won't give you the look you want, but give it a try and see how you like it.

For the first method, the only thing you're going to need is a clear brow gel. I use one from Maybelline and it does exactly what I want it to, which is to hold my brow hairs in the position I brush them. Simply just take the brush out of the tube, wipe any big gloops of brow gel of the brush, by running it along the rim of the tube. Start at the front of one of your brows and brush the hairs directly upwards, move the brush to the middle of your brow and brush upwards and outwards at the same time. It's important NOT to brush straight upwards here, or else you'll look like a troll with massive bushy brows. For the tail end of the brows, brush the hairs kinda outwards and down, so they tapers in at the end. Dip the brush into the tube again and repeat on the other brow. That's it! EASY!

For this method, you start of my grabbing an eyebrow pencil, fill in any of the sparse areas of your brows. For me that's the end of my brows and the arch. Do this lightly, remember this has to look natural and fluffy, so no harsh lines, just small strokes. After this, grab a tinted brow gel, I use the same one from Maybelline, just with color. Here you have to start brushing the hairs in the middle of your brows, brush them upwards and outwards, being careful not to touch your skin with the brush. Next on, you can brush the front of your brow hairs directly upwards, and the reason why I do this second, is to make sure I don't get way to much color and product in the front, because this is going to look unnatural. Finish of at the end of the brow, brushing the hairs outwards and down and again repeat on the other side. Done!