Thursday, June 7, 2018

It all happened so fast and I'm now sitting here in my new living room, writing this post and feeling pretty good about how efficient we where during the move. 

It all started last Friday, my parents and brother drove to Odense, to help me move out of my old apartment. What a bittersweet day it was and I'm already missing my little sweet apartment in Odense.

As you can see on this photo, it was a perfect summer day, so perfect that my brother even told me he had never seen me sweat this much! Maann it was hot, but it was way better to have it this way, than rainy weather.

After an IKEA trip and two hours of packing this trailer and the cars, we arrived at my new apartment, ready to unpack again. This time we didn't have an elevator, like in my old apartment, to easily get all the things from the ground floor up to the apartment. Luckily I live on the first floor, so we didn't have much trouble getting everything up, only until it was time for my bed... We just couldn't get it up the stairs! After trying several moves to get it up the stairs, we gave up, it simply wasn't possible, so new bed it is...

The following days after the move, my parents helped me unpack (thank you!) and I tried to get things organized. I've found that this isn't easy for me when everything is a mess. My mom kept asking me, "Where do you want this?" and my answer was always, "I have no clue". It's definitely easier to put things away, when you know how you move around in the space you live.

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen that yesterday was spent cleaning my old apartment, so that it's now ready to be handed over.
Today I'm going to be doing some more organizing and trying to figure out how to style my hanging shelves in my kitchen. It's tricky because on top of being practical, I also want them to look nice, so if you guys have any ideas, let me know.