Friday, June 1, 2018

So this past month has been my last living here in Odense and to celebrate and remember this month, I've written a post about my fave moments. 

To start of with, this yellow scrunchies has quickly become my everyday hair accessory. I bought it on eBay for almost no money at all and it's not the best quality, but the color is perfect for these summer months! Scrunchies have been worn by many these past few years and I've completely fallen head over heels for this "trend". Not only are scrunchies one of the best types of hair ties for your hairs health, but being a 90's kid, this definitely brings back some childhood memories.

During May I went home to Horsens to spent a weekend. This weekend I met up with one of my favorite people, my bestie. We drove to the beach to walk around, have lunch and eat an old fashioned ice cream. After that, we drove by my bestie's grandma's holiday home. Here we spent the summer's during our childhood and we took this fun photo for the mems. The weather was absolutely amazing and the day ended at my parents house, with a glass of wine on the terrace. 

Finishing all of my packing for my upcoming move has also been a major highlight this month. I now regret that I didn't pack the boxes after the rooms in my new apartment. It's all just mixed up in there and wow I didn't expect having so many kitchen items!!! Definitely not the most fun thing to pack, but it's done now.
Even though I've said earlier that I haven't felt stressed at all with the packing, when the last week of me living in Odense came around, I definitely did start feeling uneasy. Living in a mess of moving boxes and a somewhat empty fridge and thinking about how hopefully the move is going to run smoothy, definitely got to me more and more. So I'm so happy that it's happening today!

Before moving away, I had to meet up with my Odense girls and eat our last group dinner together, to celebrate almost being done with our theses. So Tuesday after a long day at school, trying to finish my groups bachelor's thesis, we met up in town. We ate dinner at Café Cuckoo's Nest here in Odense, so yummy, I got a club sandwich with chicken and bacon. After that we bought an ice cream, I know.. yet again, but hey it's summer so it's alright.

Yesterday the day came where we turned in our bachelor's thesis! Wow it's been a process, two and a half months of work and the result is a thesis, containing 69 pages and an appendix containing 76 pages. I'm so proud of us! Now the second part of the final exam starts, getting ready for the oral bachelor exam in about 18 days and then I'm all done with school.
I will keep you guys updated, until then have a lovely weekend!