Friday, May 18, 2018

So I've been trying out something new for a couple of months now and have been waiting to share this with you guys, before I really had the chance to test it out.

In collaboration with Buzzador and Phillips, I was send this Phillips Lumea Prestige IPL used for removing hair more permanently. I've been using it for almost 2 months now and here's what I thought about it. 

I've always been annoyed with how fast the hair on my legs and armpits grows. If I shave at night, when I wake up the next morning, I can feel the spikes again and on my legs, I can see small dark dots where the hair is growing from... but that has changed now.

Ever since I started using this, I noticed that the hair on my legs and armpits started growing much slower and the hairs were more fine in texture. Now that it's been 2 months, I basically don't have any hairs under my armpits anymore. My legs still need some more time, because I started treating the hairs on my legs later than my armpits. But they are almost there, I can only sometimes see a few dark dots, but they're mostly all gone, which means the hairs aren't growing anymore.
If you are interested in how it works, keep on reading.

These are the different heads you put on the IPL, depending on which area of you body you're treating. There's one for your armpits and bikini line, one for your face (only use it on your face below your cheekbones) and one for the rest of the body (e.g. legs, and arms).

This photo above shows the settings on the IPL. Keep in mind that your have to remove all hair from the area you want to treat, before starting the treatment!
The cool this about this IPL is that it has a sensor that can help you determine what strength you need to use for your skin tone. The buttons 1-5 are the strength level, 5 being the strongest setting. The little magnifying glass symbol, is what you press to activate the sensor. Then you just press the IPL onto your skin for it to measure. When it's done, one of the 5 numbers will light up and then you click the check mark button to accept and start the treatment. I personally use level 5, which the sensor chose for my skin tone.

When you've put on the head part that determines the area you're treating, simply just press the IPL onto your skin, the IPL will then light up when it's ready to laser and then you press this button, you can see above, for it so actually laser that spot.
Then you move the IPL a bit, so you don't laser on top of the same area again and zap on that spot too. Keep going until you've covered the whole area and your done, then you'll just have to wait a week before repeating. In between treatments you can safely shave or wax.

Even though I was send this for free, I'm not being sponsored to write this post, I'm honestly just super excited to have found something that actually works! I highly recommend this to anyone wishing to maintain their body hair in a way more effiicent way. I will admit that it's quite expensive and I definitly wouldn't have been able to buy this with my own money, at this point in my life, but if you have the money, give it a try, I know you'll like it!