Sunday, April 22, 2018

Happy Sunday! Today I'm sharing what I've been up to this week, from writing our bachelor thesis at school, to chillin outside in the amazing weather we've had in Odense.

This week is a bit different compared to my other weekly moments posts, because I'm only sharing the days where I did something worth sharing. Just imagine me at school all the other days.

Monday started out rough when we realised we had made a mistake in our bachelor experiment. This meant that we had to redo part of the experiment and we were dreading it. Luckily we did it faster than I'd expected and the rest of my day wasn't that exciting. When I got back home I took a nap, woke up at around dinner time, made dinner and went to bed.

Wednesday, oh what a lovely day. The weather was amazing which put me in the best mood when I woke up. I went to school, did some more bachelor writing with the group and after school, I met up with one of my friends. We walked to Munke Mose by Odense River, to enjoy some iced coffee in the lovely weather. This was the first hot day (25 degrees celsius, this is hot for Denmark!), so everyone was outside and we ended up meeting up with some classmates and enjoyed the late afternoon in the sun.

Thursday was a study from home day. So I slept in as long as I could and did some studying. Later in the evening I finally finished watching every single episode of Sex and The City, which I've slowly watched for the past 6 months and it was great! Now I'm going to rewatch the movies too.

Saturday was a beautiful day to walk down by Odense River into town and look around. After some walking around, I stopped at Baresso to buy some iced coffee. On the walk back I found a bench by the river to sit down and enjoy the weather, before heading home to do some more writing on the bachelor thesis. The rest of the evening was spent doing laundry and getting everything ready for the week ahead.

Today is Sunday and I don't know yet what this day has to bring, except for this post. Hope you've all had a great weekend!