Sunday, April 15, 2018

Springtime is upon us and it's time to sort through your things and clear out your space. Throughout the years I've found a technique that works great for me and I wanted to share it with you guys, so keep on reading!

If you know me, you know that I love to organize and clear out my things, both because I hate being surrounded by mess and because I don't see why you have to keep things you never use or look at.

So first, you need to figure out which parts of your home you would like to clear out and organize. Is it the whole thing or just your closet? Below I will list all my tips on clearing out the different parts of your home.

Depending on how messy it already is, you'll either have to just pull everything out of the closet or take a section at a time.
If you do the pull everything out method, start by dividing your clothes into sections depending on the category. I recommend using your floor for this. Put jeans, tops, workout clothes, nice clothes, dresses and so on into piles. When that's done, you need to go through every pile and decide what you want to keep, donate and throw out. When you're done, fold and hang everything back into your closet, keeping a system, so that your jeans are on the same shelf and so on.
For the section method, this is the method I use, because my closet mostly stays organized. Pull out all of your jeans, go through all of them and decide which ones you want to keep, donate and throw out, now fold them and put them neatly back on the shelf. Repeat this for every shelf and category.

After pulling everything out off the drawer, separate underwear, bras and socks into separate piles. Throw out everything with holes and everything you haven't been wearing for over a year. I recommend buying organizers that separate underwear, bras and socks from each other in the drawers. Fold your panties, fold the matching socks together and fold your bras in half and put them into the organizers.

Same thing as before goes for this section of your space, it's way easier to clear out this section if you work in category. Start with foundations and with every item in every category ask yourself, is this too old? When did I last use it? If the answer is yes, and I can't remember or over a year ago, then it's probably a product you should throw away. Again use organizers to store you beauty items. I store my everyday makeup in the same organizer and my foundation in a different organizer and so forth.

This is a tough one for most people, especially my mom, she saves everything! When I moved into my first apartment I brought everything with me and I started noticing that I had a lot of stuff that was stored in drawers that I never opened. It started with birthday cards I had kept since I was 13. The questions you should ask yourself here to make it easier are, why do I still have this? Does it bring me joy? If you can't seems to find a good answer, you should probably throw it out. Keep the things you absolutely can't part with together in a box and store it under your bed or somewhere a bit hidden, this way it doesn't take up space in your drawers you should use for important documents or things you use more often.

We all have those drawers we throw everything in, that doesn't have a real home. Like nail stuff, empty boxes, pens, an old card, paper clips and random papers. Start with one drawer at a time, empty the drawer completely, grab a trash bag and throw all those random papers you never look at away, if it's an important paper, store it with all your other important papers in a folder. After throwing away all that random stuff, start organizing the drawers. Maybe have a drawer for your notebooks, one for art supplies, one for pens and so on.

Where do I even start here? The kitchen is a tricky section because you can almost never have enough plates, cutlery and glasses. One thing you can have enough of is mugs, keep the mugs you have a set of and keep enough for when you have guests, but all those random mugs you own with hearts and funky logos on, do you really need them?
For your kitchen gadgets, throw away everything you have several off, e.g. blenders or kettles. For ovenproof dishes keep a selection of dishes that all have different sizes, there's no need for two in the exact same size.
Try clearing out your cooking utensils, so you only have two of each utensil you use to cook with on the stove and utensils like a garlic press, grater and so, you really only need one of.
Throw away cutting boards that are heavily discolored or broken in some way and only keep around two cutting boards for each size category.
For the pantry section get everything out of the area you store your items and check the use by date, if it's past the date, throw it out, if you have something you don't eat anymore, throw it out, if you've become allergic to something, throw it out and then keep everything else. I recommend getting organizers for these items too, a box for spices, a box for grains and so on.

If you live in an apartment like I do, you might have a storage room, where you store your extra furniture and things like that. My tip here, is to think about your future, would I ever use this furniture or decor piece in my future home? If it's not your style anymore and you know you won't be using it again, sell it, donate it or throw it away, so it doesn't use up unnecessary space.