Monday, March 5, 2018

Happy Monday guys! Today I'm back with yet another weekly moments post, this week some exciting things happened, so keep reading if you're interested.

Monday started out with waking up to see the ground covered in snow. This was a school day, so I had to brave the weather, which my bike didn't like and I ended up ruining my gears, great! But I made it to school and after a few classes, I made it safely back home again. 
Because something exciting was happening in Horsens (my hometown) on Tuesday, I had to take the train home to be ready the following morning. 

The exciting day came around, Tuesday, where I had my first ever real adult job interview. Ever since I found out about the interview, the previous Friday, I have had crazy butterflies in my stomach. After the job interview, I had no idea if it went well or not, I just knew that we had a great talk and laughed a bit too, which I think was good. Anxiously I had to wait until Wednesday to find out if I got the job or not, so I was of course anxious the whole day! If you follow me on Instagram (@camillarumph) you'll already know what happened.

Wednesday was mostly spent inside, in the warmth of my parents house, both because of the snow, but also because I was awaiting a call and had to stay close to my phone. While waiting I took this photo with my favorite plant, I know my plant obsession has come to far...
Then it happened! I got the call and was offered the job as a Radiographer at Horsens Regional Hospital per July 1st! I'm over the moon excited, couldn't be any happier! The rest of the day was spent celebrating the good new.

Thursday at around noon I borrowed one of my parents cars to drive back to Odense, because I had class Friday, but also needed to be back in Horsens again for the weekend. I took advantage of having a car and drove to the shopping center to look around. Then I had to deal with my bike because of the gears, so I handed it in to the mechanic.

First thing Friday morning was class, after that I got back in the car and drove back to my apartment, so I could walk over to get my bike again. Then I started driving back to Horsens, to avoid the crazy Friday traffic that for sure would happen later during the afternoon. The evening was spent grocery shopping and cooking dinner together.

Saturday morning my dad and his friend had to attend a Whiskey exhibition in Kolding and I was the designated driver. While they were having fun I decided to visit Kolding shopping center to pass some time, here I found a Starbucks and had to buy coffee! At around noon we drove back home, to quickly get ready for a family friends birthday celebration and that was basically what we spent the rest of the day and evening doing.

Sunday was a day I had been looking forward to for a while. I met up with my bestie, it had been way to long since the last time and so many things had happened we needed to update each other on. We grabbed some lunch and headed to the movies to watch the new Fifty Shades movie. My bestie and I have been Fifty Shades movie buddies since the beginning, so we had to watch the last one together too.