Friday, March 30, 2018

I was inspired to write a post about this subject, because I've recently been in the process of looking for a new apartment. If you're moving out or just moving soon, this might be a helpful post for you.

First thing to do before you even start looking for apartments, is figuring out what your budget looks like. When you've done that, you'll know exactly how much the rent can be, for your budget. I know it's boring to think about this, but it's so important and makes the apartment hunting process way simpler, because you can focus on looking for apartments within what you can afford.

What's the minimum and maximum size you're looking for. If you know a studio apartment is way to small for your lifestyle, start by filtering those apartments away. I'm personally coming from living in a studio apartment and I know I want at least an apartment with separate living room and bedroom. Opposite you don't want to look for apartments that could fit a whole family, if you are only looking for an apartment for yourself.

The things I keep in mind here is, is it near my work, the gym, grocery stores, the city center, parks and my family? These are the things that makes my everyday life easier, it differs from person to person, so just make your own mental list and keep those in mind.

Is the apartment close to the railroads, highways or big streets with a lot of traffic, you might want to avoid this. When touring apartments, try to listen to the noise from the streets and the noise from the floor above and below you.

Which direction are your windows facing? South, meaning that you get a lot of sun throughout the day, north, meaning not so much. For me, a light bright apartment is definitely the most attractive.

Fridge/freezer, stove, dishwasher and washer/dryer, what are your must haves and what would just be nice to have? I would LOVE to have a washer/dryer in my next apartment, but it's not a must have, I can live with washing my things in the basement, if the building offers that.

Either if you have a car or if you like to have people over who drives cars, it's important to figure out if the building has a parking spot for you or if there's a big parking lot near your apartment, for your guests to park.
If you're Danish, bike parking is important too. So figure out if there's a locked, safe parking area for your bike.

*The pictures in this post are not mine.