Sunday, February 11, 2018

Happy Sunday guys! Today I'm bringing you a new weekly moments post on what I've been up to this week. Hint, something happened to my hair.

Monday was a home day, I didn't have any classes and this was my first full day at my apartment after getting back from our ski trip, so I had a lot of unpacking and cleaning up to do. I ended up doing a full apartment clear out, throwing away a bunch of stuff I never used and it felt so nice, I love cleaning and organizing. 

Tuesday came around which was my first day back at school. I had my first class at 09:15 am which was amazing, because I first had to wake up when the sun was rising. It can be a bit depressing always leaving for work or school when it's dark outside, so this immediately made me more happy and I had to take a photo of the sunrise, it was beautiful!

Now that my index finger is completely healed, after my little accident and since I'm not interning anymore, I can wear nail polish and jewelry again. So Wednesday after coming back home from school, that was exactly what I did. This Rimmel nail polish in Glaston Berry is my all time fave and the only polish that doesn't chip off within 2 days.
My rings are from Spinning Jewelry and I got the one on my index finger for Christmas, so I've been loving wearing that!

Thursday after class, I met up at the movies with Anja, to watch the new Maze Runner movie. It was SO GOOD! I also got the chance to wish her a great trip to Uganda, where she's going to spent the first part of our last semester (yes, we go to school together). She'll be gone for 1 month, so it was great to see her again before she left.

Friday was a study from home day, but since we didn't have anything to study for, I spent it mostly at home taking pictures and writing blog posts. Before dinner I went to the gym, for some cardio and finished the evening at home, I know, I'm a grandma and I love it. Ha!

Saturday morning I had a hair appointment at Frisør Hos Peter in Odense C, it's a pretty good salon, price wise, because it's the cheapest I've found, but if I could afford somewhere more expensive, I would definitely go there instead.
As you can see I got bangs, but I actually cut those myself after coming home from the salon. The guy that was cutting my hair in the salon, had a weird technique at parting the hair for my bangs, so I panicked and told him not to cut them. For the lengths of my hair the guy cut off about 10 cm as we had agreed, so it's a bit shorter than before, but I love it, it feels so healthy and fresh again.

I would love to know what you guys think about the bangs, love it or hate it?