Saturday, February 3, 2018

We just returned home to Denmark, after a short week in Sweden. As promised here's a post all about the trip, with some photos and a travel vlog at the end of the post.

Sunday afternoon we arrived at Tandådalen in Sälen, Sweden after 4 hours on a ferry and 8 hours in total in a car. Luckily the slopes didn't close until 6:30 pm, so we had time for a couple of trips down the slopes.

One of the days the weather was exceptionally beautiful, with blue skies and a glimpse of the sun. We fully enjoyed this weather on the slopes all day, which you can see more of in the travel vlog.

The photo above is of my brother and I after a long day of skiing. I could definitely feel which muscles I hadn't been using for a while.. so breaks were important!

As you might have noticed by now, braids was my go to hairstyle, it's just the easiest when you have long hair. It stays out of your face when you ride down the slopes and it doesn't get tangled. 

Thought I would share this photo, just because I think this tree looks funky, but the nature is so beautiful this time of year in Sweden!

Then one afternoon, actually the last afternoon in Sweden, we went to Wayne's Coffee, because the foggy, snowy weather made it difficult to ski. I had a roasted hazelnut iced latte, it was SO GOOD - highly recommend!

Then we drove to Oslo in Norway for a short visit, before taking the ferry back home to Denmark.

Ha! Yes, this is just a windblown photo, my mom took of my brother and I on the ferry home.

Here's the vlog from the trip: