Wednesday, January 24, 2018

It's been a while since I did a "what have I been up to post", and since some things have happened, I thought it was time to update you guys.

So last weekend something unexpected happened... I was making homemade potato chips and while slicing the potatoes in a mandoline, I accidentally sliced a few millimeters off my index finger too. I will spare you from the bloody picture of my finger (which I did share on Instagram stories), but it was bleeding quite a bit. I FaceTimed my mom, who guided me through what to do and everything was under control, now it's just healing and slowly getting better. 

Yesterday was my last day at my internship and I had to finish the 5 month internship off with a clinical exam. First by spending 80 minutes at the CT scanner examining patients, afterwards spending 10 minutes on my presentation and then followed by a 25 minute theoretical exam. It felt like the longest exam ever, but everything went well, I passed the exam and couldn't be more happy and satisfied with myself.

This was my last time working at a hospital as a Radiography student and it's weird to think that next time I'm working at a hospital, I will be an authorized Radiographer! Only 5 months to go!
So when I took the train from Esbjerg to Odense for the last time, it definitely felt kinda weird, but also amazing, being completely finished with my clinical education.

To celebrate me and the girls from my class went to Tortilla Flats in Odense, to eat some good Mexican food and drink some good cocktails. I highly recommend this place if you come to visit Odense! It's a small, intimate restaurant, with authentic Mexican vibes. Service is great, just remember to book a table in advance, because it's normally not possible to just walk in and get a table. My food recommendation would be to get Combination 7 (a chimichanga and an enchilada with Mexican rice and a salad on the side) and for a cocktail I recoommend the moctezumas advokat (gin, kiwi and melon liqueur), SO YUMMY!

Today I'm mostly just chilling at home, enjoying the beginning of my almost 2 week long break, before I start the 7th semester.
Tomorrow I'm heading back home to my parents, because we as a family are going on a ski trip to Sweden. So if you want to follow me on the trip, head over to Instagram where I will be uploading pictures during the trip and when I return home, I'm going to write a post all about the trip with pictures and a vlog.