Saturday, December 2, 2017

Happy Saturday everyone and woo-hoo for the first post of December, I'm SO FREAKING EXCITED!

MORNING. After what felt like the longest week ever, yesterday I could finally wake up without an alarm and just chill in bed. After checking my phone for a good 30 minutes, I went downstairs and fixed myself some breakfast and an iced coffee. Then I got ready and walked into town for my doctor's appointment. When that was done, I walked down the main shopping street here in Odense (notice all the bikes on the pictures below #danish), then went into a few stores and right before walking home, I picked up a chai latte at Brød for the walk back.

AFTERNOON. Next up I spend a couple of hours listening to Christmas music, while writing some blog posts and getting my CV ready for when I'm soon, hopefully going to be applying for some Radiography jobs. I love being creative, so I've been trying to make it look nice and that has been really fun actually. Let me know if you would like a post about it!
Next, I meet up with one of my friends and we drove to the cozy old streets of Odense, where H.C. Andersen lived. Here we visited the H.C. Andersen Christmas Market, drank some hot drinks, definitely try their mulled wine ("gløgg" in Danish), it was the best gløgg I've ever tasted!

EVENING. Returning home, it was time to make some dinner and since it was Friday, I wanted to make something I don't get to make on a workday, so I made my version of enchiladas. Besides Christmas dinner, Mexican food is probably my favorite food. After enjoying this great dinner, I spend the rest of my evening at home, just chilling.