Tuesday, October 31, 2017

If you are anything like me and enjoy shows revolving romance, crime, mystery, drama and comedy, here is my ultimate fall guide to Netflix.

I just finished this series in less than a week, because I was hooked immediately. It's a thriller/murder series, inspired by the Scream movies. This is though more of a serious modern twist to the movies. Here we follow high school student, Emma, the main character, having to deal with a serial killer attacking people in her social/family circle. I wouldn't call this a horror series, but it does involve a lot of blood and gruesome scenes, just keep that in mind.

This is a mystery/crime series, following Stella, a detective, who's been called to Belfast to help on a murder case. Stella ends up connecting the dots to an earlier unsolved murder case and deep investigation begins. I finished this show in about two days, after a friend of mine recommended it and it was one of those series, where I ended up staying up way too long, to keep watching.

An oldie but a goodie, I stumbled across this series one Saturday, in need of something new to watch and it was so weird and over the top, that I had to keep watching. Dexter is the main character of the series, he's a serial killer and you get to follow him throughout his day to day life, working for the Miami Police, while murdering people in his freetime.

This series caught my attention, because the main picture of the series, is of a nun, something you don't really see that often. It's a true crime show, presenting an unsolved murder case of a nun and reveals some horrific secrets about her life and the people she knew. I was so into this case, because it makes you feel all the emotions, it's honestly a heartbreaking case. If you like anything true crime, this is a must to watch.

Oh maaan, where do I even begin with this. It's SOOO GOOD! In this lawyer drama, Alicia is forced back to work, after her husband goes to prison because of a scandal. I was so hooked to this, mainly because of the love interest between Alicia and Will, but in generelt because of the suspense every episode leaves you with.

If you haven't already noticed, I love some good old crime and this series is a true crime show, that with every episode, explains true cases and goes through the evidence, all shown through interviews, with the lead detective/officer and actors who act out the events.

A series following Sarah, who witnesses a girl commit suicide, who looks exactly like herself. Hint it's her clone... and throughout the series we discover more weird things and secrets going on, that Sarah had no idea she was involved in. It's a totally different series, never seen anything like it and with some amazing actors!

This is a somewhat new show on Netflix, about a family that is split up, when a mysterious fog/mist, with deathly creatures, covers their small town. I finished this series in one day and without noticing it was over, so good!

I noticed this show on Netflix one day and recognized the x-files actor, who plays the main role in this show, Hank. A writer who's trying to juggle his career, his relationship with his daughter and his ex-wife, as well as his addiction to beautiful women. It's an easy to watch, hangover, drama/comedy series and normally not a type of show I would watch, but for some reason I find this really entertaining and over the top.

A modern take on the famous detective, Sherlock Holmes and his partner, Dr. Watson, solving crime in modern day London. I love this series because of the relationship between Dr. Watson and Sherlock, they mess with each other in a way that's hard to describe, but it's hilarious and this all happens while their solving crimes. Each episode is almost as long as a movie, so when you get hooked, you are going to be spending hours and hours watching this.

Yet another lawyer drama, this is thought a bit more serious, but with an underlying humor, handsome men in nice suits and cocky remarks. The show follows Mike, a super intelligent college dropout. He impresses a tough lawyer (one of New York City's best) and scores a lawyer job, without having finished law school and this creates some drama.

This political drama, centers around a low-level Cabinet member in the White House, who becomes president, when an attack kills the president and all his colleagues. He is now met with doubt and resistance from people not finding him fit for the position, while he in collaboration with the FBI is trying to find out who's responsible for the attack.

This series was so hyped up recently, so I had to give it a go and watched the first season within a day or two. It's about a group of teenagers in a small town, living their lives, while dealing with the disappearance of one of their fellow students. This reveals mysteries secrets about the town and the people in it. Just to let you know, season two has just begun on Netflix.

A series taking place in the 80's, where a young boy disappears and his mother, a police officer and his friends tries to get him back, but has to confront horrific forces. This series has gotten so much hype it's unreal, I will admit I watched season one really quickly, but if I'm as hyped as everyone else, I'm not sure, but it is good. Season two has just been released on Netflix.

A danish crime series, following Dicte a dedicated and curious reporter, not giving up on a good story. This gives her some problems with policeman John Wagner, who she often runs into when she's working. This series is filled with suspense and mystery, really one of my favorite Danish series.

Another modern take on Sherlock Holmes, this series takes place in New York City, where Sherlock has now moved to and been in rehab. He meets his sober companion, Joan Watson, who he initially has a strictly professional relationship with, but they grow to understand each other and eventually Sherlock teaches Joan, how he does things and they then start a partnership together, solving crimes in NYC, in collaboration with the New York City Police Department.

Inspired by the Danish series "Forbrydelsen", a police investigation and the saga of a grieving family all surfaces, when the body of a 17 year old girl, is found in the trunk of a submerged car. This is such a thrilling, suspenseful series, where two detectives bring the viewer along throughout the investigation.

When I was around 15, this show came out and I was hooked right from the beginning. It follows a friend group, who is harassed by an anonymous person "A" who threatens to reveal their darkest secrets, while trying to solve the mysteries murder of their best friend. This show is actually quite frustrating, because it takes forever before you really find out who the true "A" is.

Carrie, a bipolar CIA agent becomes convinced that Nicholas, a U.S Marine Sniper, who have been held captive by al-Qaeda, has been turned by the enemy and is now a threat to the United States. The series is so suspenseful, involving a lot of spying and secrets.

If you haven't heard of this series yet, you must be living under a rock, everyone was talking about it right when it came out. This documentary series is filmed over a 10 year period and follows Steven, who suddenly becomes the prime suspect in a horrible new crime. Viewers are taken into to a hardcore criminal case, involving corruption, where things aren't as they appear. This is a must watch in my opinion, is so, so, so freaking good!

I also started watching this, right when it came out, I think I was around 15 years old and this was the perfect series for a teenager, but I kept watching even in my twenties until the series had it's final season. This series follows a young teenager who meets a guy, she takes a liking to. Soon she finds out that he's a vampire and now her whole world is turned upside down.

Noah, a married schoolteacher and novelist and Alison, a young waitress, start an affair and the series takes the viewer through the emotional and physical effect of an affair. The story unfolds from the different perspectives of the characters, using memories and real time events to tell the story.

In this series we follow the younger version of Carrie from Sex In The City, in her teen life, first learning about love, sex, friendship and family, while trying to live a grown up life in Manhattan.

A suburban married couple wants to spice up their life, by having a three-way romantic relationship with a college student. I know it sounds weird from that one liner, but the series is sprinkled with humor.

This series is set up quite differently, than most series. Here, every season has a new story, but with the same actors, just playing different characters. It's hard to explain what it's about because of the changing stories, but all seasons have horror, crime and mystery in them. I would call this quite a creepy show, I sometimes catch myself covering my eyes while watching this, but is so good and suspenseful that I keep watching. I especially love the seasons Murder House, Asylum, Coven and Roanoke.