Saturday, August 26, 2017

I'm a huge supporter of eBay and use it all the time to buy all kinds of things, because I save about 50-80% by purchasing the items here, rather than in stores.

I have listed all the prices in the Danish currency, but if you click on the titles of the items, you should be able to see your currency.

Store price: 115 DKK - eBay price: 56 DKK
My all time favorite mascara! Authentic and therefore works exactly the same as the ones from the stores.

Store price: 100 DKK - eBay price: 45 DKK
This is shipped from the US, which is why it's so inexpensive.

Store price: 159-500 DKK - eBay price: 20 DKK
This little thing is amazing, it let's you charge 3 phones or tables at the same time, only using one wall plug! They also sell the normal wall plugs, with just 1 USB port.

Store price: 159 DKK - eBay price: 20 DKK
I both buy the normal 1 meter cords on here, but also the 2 meter cords. They work just as great as the one you get with your phone.

Store price: 130 DKK - eBay price: 100 DKK
My recent addiction. In Denmark you can only buy small bags of it, so by purchasing this on ebay, I both get a bigger bag and for less money than in stores.

Store price: 200-300 DKK - eBay price: 113 DKK
When I lived in the US, I bought these from Target, but here in Denmark, you can't buy them anywhere, so eBay is my only alternative. But I don't mind because they are way cheaper on here. These are my all time favorite whitestrips, they work amazingly! Here is a post I did all about them.

Store price: 100 DKK - eBay price: 12 DKK
Again one of those things you can save an extreme amount of money on. They both sell, clear, mirrored, anti-fingerprint and tempered glass screen protectors. They work amazingly and stay on your phone for months and months. I change mine out after 3-5 months, because it get's scratched up after a while, but when they're this inexpensive I don't mind.

Store price: 160 DKK - eBay price: 103 DKK
My holy grail face moisturiser. I have oily, acne prone skin and this moisturiser is perfect for that. I recently found this on eBay and have been purchasing it in stores before, so I love that I can save money on it, by purchasing it on eBay from now on.

Store price:  300 DKK - eBay price: 50 DKK
I only buy my phone cases on eBay! They have everything you are looking for, clear cases, marble cases, printed cases and so much more. Some cases only cost 10 DKK, depending on what type it is. The ones I refer to here in this post, are a knockoff of the Apple cases you can buy in stores. These knockoffs are just as protective as the apple ones and they look really good too.