Wednesday, July 12, 2017

After dreaming about these shoes for a good month I bit the bullet and bought them, here is my review on the good and bad things about these shoes.

All in all I love these shoes, I know they are a love or hate item, but i think they look beautiful, with the floral embroidery, that looks well made. The faux leather they are made of, is fairly soft, so they don't rub on your feet and give you blisters, which is a massive plus, because I never really get a lot of use out of shoes that rub, but these were comfy right away.

So here is what I don't like about them and this might only be a problem for me, but everytime I wear them, within 30 minutes, my feet get so sweaty that they start slipping around. This makes it very difficult to walk around, and I look stupid too - haha! Kinda looks like I hurt my back or something like that. I didn't even wear them in extremely hot weather, so I can only imagine how bad that would be. 

And when I look inside at the end of the shoe, where your toes are, the material your foot is on, is kinda lifting, like the glue is rubbing off.

It's just sad, because I really want to wear them all the time, but I only wear them whenever I'm going out for a short amount of time, that doesn't involve walking a bunch...

I see other people wearing these shoes and they don't mention this sweaty feet problem, so it might just be me, so if you are interested in these shoes click the link below. 

Cheska Floral Embroidered Flat Mule In Black Faux Leather - £24.99 - ON SALE RIGHT NOW FOR £9.99

UPDATE: I recently found these mule socks, that just cover the front part of your foot. Highly recommend these, if your feet also slip and slide around. I don't have that problem anymore with these and can now where the mules carefree.