Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Last weekend was spent visiting one of my friends I study Radiography with, here is some photos showing what we did.

Friday at noon I left Odense station to take the train to Svendborg. My friend picked me up at Svendborg station and next we drove to Langeland.
We ate some lunch and took the bikes around RudkĂžbing, so my friend could show me where she grew up.
After spending some hours doing this, we drove back home and laid out in the sun.

Saturday was a beach day, so we put on our bikinis and grabbed all our necessities and drove to the beach. We even went into the water and it was cold! 
After laying out for most of the day, we visited an ice cream parlor to get good old fashion Danish ice cream cones, then we headed home and finished the day with a BBQ and a walk down to the water to watch the sunset.

Sunday we went to Svendborg to eat lunch and then my friend dropped me off at Svendborg station and I took the train back to Odense.