Thursday, June 22, 2017

After having dealt with acne, dermatologists and hardcore treatments, since I was 11. I have finally found the products, my skin actually loves and keeps it clear!

I only use this to remove my makeup, mainy when I have been wearing mascara. This product breaks stubborn mascara right up, when you gently rub the product onto your eyes. When my lashes feel soft again and my face is full of black oil, I splash my face with water. Now the oil turns into a milky texture and can easily be washed off.

To double cleanse my skin, I used this gel for acne prone, oily skin. I only really use this product, if I use the oil, because this makes sure, there is no oil or makeup left on my face. The gel is soapless and therefore won't strip your skin completely, but it still foams up. I add a small amount on my hand, run it under some water and lather it up, before rubbing it all over my face, to remove the majority of my face makeup. Then I splash my face with water again, to wash off the product.

If you haven't tried micellar water, you are really missing out. Tons of different brands makes it now, but this has to be my favorite. Sadly they don't sell it on the Danish market anymore, so I stock up whenever I'm in Germany. I use this after the cleansing gel at night to tone my face and in the morning to remove any oils from many hours of sleep.

This product contains retinoid, which helps to prevent fine lines and wrinkles. I only use this product in my evening skincare, because retinoid makes your skin a bit more sensitive to the sun. So when you use this, it's even more important to use sunscreen.

To seal all these products in, I use this as a moisturizer. It's again one of those products made for acne prone, oily skin and it works wonders. It was recommended to me, by my dermatologist and in generelt dermatologist recommend this brand of skincare, so I trust that these are good products.

Going back to sunscreen, this is the daily sunscreen I use. I have never tried a face sunscreen like this before, it's truly amazing. It's really thin and watery in consistency, which makes it comfortable to wear and it's has an SPF of 50!   

To moisturize my lips, I use my hero, that always saves my dry lips. I always apply a good layer of this before going to bed and whenever I wake up in the morning, my lips are super soft and moisturized! I recommend purchasing the one without perfume, because it doesn't have that weird scent most Elizabeth Arden products have.

Once in a while I apply the cleansing gel from before, to this sponge and scrub it all over my face, to exfoliate all the dead skin cells off. After doing this my skin feels amazingly soft. I have had this sponge for a while so I'm not sure they sell it anymore, but I know the brand No7 also makes one similar to this.

That's it! I have really downsized my skincare routine, from what it once was. I do still have other products, like masks, serums and oils, but I really don't use them that often anymore, after talking with my dermatologist about it and it seems to be working.