Thursday, May 25, 2017

Milani is an amazing brand, their products are high quality, but not crazy expensive. In this post I created a look using these products, plus there's a promo code!

This is a matte concealer, it doesn't have that radiant glow some concealer have, so it doesn't do much in the brightening category. This shade has yellow undertones, which is great for cancelling out dark circles and redness. I used this around my nose and mouth, to conceal any redness. It comes in a squeeze tube, with a sponge applicator at the end, which makes it easy to apply, especially if you are out on the go.

When I first swatched this palette, I was a little confused what to do with the bronze and blush colored parts of the palette. But if you like a glowy blush, like Orgasm from NARS, you will like this. It's gives your skin a healthy glow, perfect for the summer. The bronze color is personally a bit to glowy for me, to be a bronzer, so I used this on my eyes instead. The highlighting color, is gorgeous! I used it on my cheekbones and in the inner corners of my eyes, to brighten. It's not a chunky highlighter, which I love, because it makes it look more natural.
You can also mix all the shades together for an all over bronzy glow on your face.

This is a very fine misted spray, you spray onto your face, holding it 8-10 inches away from your face, so your face doesn't get soaking wet. With a light mist all over your face, your makeup will stay on, much longer than it normally would. LOVE THIS!

This product is banging. For a matte lipstick, it's extremely comfortable on the lips. This kinda feels velvety or like suede. The color is super pigmented and can also be worn naturally, if you apply a little in the center of your lips and blend it out with your finger, that's how I did it.

You can find and buy these product on, you can also click on the product names above, to go directly to the specific product on their page. Use code SKVD17 to get 15% of your order.