Thursday, May 4, 2017

Follow a day in my life, as a radiography student and young adult, dealing with life on a random day.

MORNING. My day starts off in my bed waking up, I'm pretty good at getting up the second I hear my alarm, but recently I have been sleeping SO GOOD, I'm extremely comfy under the covers, therefore it's become a bit harder getting up. When I finally get up, I make my bed and move towards the ladder from my sleeping loft to the living space. Climbing this always gives me a mild heart attack, but when I reach the floor, I feel like I have accomplished a tiny workout and woken up my whole body.
Now I head to the bathroom where I wash my face, apply my skincare and brush my teeth.. Ah, nice and fresh! Then I grab my everyday makeup and sit down at my dinner/office/everything table and do my makeup. Heading into the bathroom again, with a hair-tie, I fix my hair, most days into a half top bun, fast and easy!
Still in my sleepwear, I head to my kitchen, fix up some breakfast and coffee and then sit down on my sofa and watch some Youtube videos.
Now for today's outfit. It usually consist around a pair of black jeans, sneakers, black or grey top and my denim jacket. Simple.
When I'm ready, I pack my purse, remembering my lunch in the fridge and my Macbook, very important for notes! And then head out the door and drive my bike to campus. 
But today, when I went down to get my bike, the tire was punctured... I have come to terms, that this is a weekly/monthly thing in my life. And since I'm no handywoman regarding bikes, I gotta pay my sweet sweet money, to get it fixed. That meant, no school for me today, I had to get this bike fixed, so I could get to work later today. Off I went, to the bike mechanic.

AFTERNOON. After returning home from my walk, with my bike, to the mechanic, I did some studying, now that I couldn't attend lectures. At the moment we are learning about ultrasound and mammography (taking x-rays of breasts).
Then I took a break from that, ate some lunch, wrote some blog posts and watched Youtube videos, yet again #youtubeislife. 
Then I picked up my fixed bike, at the mechanic, and I had asked for a no puncture tire, more expensive, but I'm hoping this is going to save me from a lot of trips to the mechanic.
A bit later, I headed off to work, nannying. 

EVENING. Returning home from nannying, first thing I did, was to put my hair up, take all my clothes off, and get into my comfy clothes. This is the most important thing, for me to feel relaxed.
Next, I made some dinner, ate that while watching TV on the sofa. Then I cleaned the dishes, took my makeup off and did my evening skincare. Next I made a cup of tea, was a couch potato for hours, while watching a movie.
Lastly before heading to bed, I put on some good tunes and danced while brushing my teeth. Then headed up the ladder to my sleeping loft. Chilled for about half an hour on my phone, checking Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram and then turned off the lights and went to sleep.