Friday, May 12, 2017

Getting older, I have become more aware of things I'm doing and thinking, because my parents taught me those things and I decided to write them down.

My mom especially, has taught me to have a positive outlook on things. If you put positive thoughts and energy into the air, good things will happen. Even if you wake up feeling like it's a bad day, just smile and try to stay happy, because that way your day will be happier. This has become, one of the reasons why I got one of my tattoos and whenever I see it, it reminds me that it will all be okay.

Laughing and being silly! My dad has always been a good storyteller, he can share a situation that has happened, and make it so funny, that we all end up cracking up. On the other hand my mom, just says and does funny things. I know it's not nice to laugh at people getting hurt, but my mom falls pretty often, either over the curb, over her own feet or something like that, it's just soooo hilarious, and I laugh with love.

Do the best you can, and don't get yourself down, if it doesn't go the way you expected. During primary school and high school, I was having trouble learning math, and I spent a lot of afternoons studying at home, trying to learn and get better. I did get better, but still didn't get a great result in my final math exam in high school, but I did my best and that's all I could do.

My mom has always been great at cooking and she has made a lot of different dishes, that she learned from her mom and I have always loved helping out in the kitchen, which has made me quite the cook and foodie. My dad hasn't always enjoyed cooking, but for the last few years, he has followed a gourmet food course, with some of his friends and now he loves to cook and makes amazing dishes, that I mostly get to enjoy when I'm home visiting on the weekends.

Keeping my space clean and tidy. When I was a young teenager I was not the tidiest person ever, I would take my clothes off and just leave them there on the floor, in the corner. When I had my confirmation, my parents held a speech and had, without me knowing, taking a photo of my used clothes and panties on the floor, in the corner and put it on a big powerpoint presentation, for all the guest to see. After that day, I never left my clothes around randomly. Now I have come to appreciate having a clean and tidy space, because that keeps my mind calm and focused.

To be a good, nice person. My parents have always taking time, to teach my brother and I, to stay safe, to be good to others and to be a nice person. I must admit I have had my crazy, party, drinking years in high school, right around the time I turned 18 and yes I did get drunk, throw up and walk home from the club, in the cold, in my bare feet, because my heels were too uncomfortable. But I haven't done anything crazy dangerous. The closest I've been to breaking the law, is getting a red light ticket in the US and a parking ticket.
Having grown up, learning how to be a nice person, that cares about others, is a major reason why, I chose to help and work with people as an adult, by becoming a radiographer.

Appreciating and spending time with family and loved once. In my family we have a very close bond, I love spending time with my parents, grandparents and other family members, whenever I'm home visiting. And the same goes with my closest, best friends, who all mean the world to me! 

That it's important to travel. Since I was very little, my parents always took my brother and I on vacations, mostly to Italy, France, Germany, Austria and Sweden. Learning about different cultures, people, languages, food and having many other amazing experiences together, has given me more knowledge about the world and at the same time, giving me a lot of great memories and traditions, I'm going to carry through to my own family.