Monday, April 17, 2017

These lovely West Elm inspired plant stands are everywhere on Pinterest and since I couldn't find anything similar in stores, I wanted to recreate my own. Keep reading to find out how to, it's fairly easy.

I'm obsessed with the way it looks, and with a big green plant on top, it's the perfect decorative piece for an empty space in your home.

The piece of wood I bought was 240x57x38mm.
The wood dowels I bought were 10mm in diameter and 40mm in length.

I started out by marking the wood, where I wanted to saw it. The stand needs four legs and I decided to make the legs on my stand 40cm long, that meant marking the wood 4 times, every 40cm.
Next for the cross, that's holding the plant up. I decided mine was going to be 23cm in diameter, therefore I marked the wood, first at 23cm and next at 8.65cm and once more at 8.65cm.
If you want to stain the wood so it doesn't have that fresh looking wood color, now would be a great time to do so. You could e.g. use a homemade vinegar and steel wool wood stain. On the picture below you can see how that looks.

Making the cross, that's going to hold the plant up.
On the drill, I measured 2cm from the end of the drill and placed a piece of tape, to make sure I would drill deeper than 2cm into the wood.
Then I drilled two holes on each side of the 23cm piece of wood. Drill those holes next to each other, in the center of the wood, leaving about a 1,5cm gap in between the two holes.
Next I drilled two matching holes at one of the ends, on both of the 8,65cm pieces of wood. I made sure those holes where lining up with the holes in the 23cm pieces.

Now I filled the holes in the 23cm piece of wood with wood glue, and pushed a dowel in each hole.
Next I filled the holes in the end of one of the 8.65cm pieces of wood and connected that piece, with the dowels on the 23cm pieces.
I did the exact same for the other side and now the cross was done.

Adding the legs to the stand.
I lined up all the 40cm pieces of wood, next to each other.
Then I decided the height of where I wanted the plant to sit. On mine it's 11 cm, from the top.
Now I measured 11cm down on all the four pieces of wood.
Then I drilled a hole at 11cm on all the four pieces of wood, making sure, the hole was centered.
Lastly I screwed each leg, onto each end of the cross and it was DONE!