Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A few of my most loved things recently, some of them are new purchases and others are oldies, but goodies. 

My newest purchase and I'm SO excited to have finally found the perfect pair of pointed black ankle boots. They are made of real leather, so I'm hoping they are going to soften up nicely, so they can be my new go to pair of boots. I love how they can be dressed down, for everyday, or dressed up for a night out.

Kind of a weird thing to mention, but I have been redecorating my bookshelf and bought this cactus, to bring some greenery to the area and it's just so pretty!

Every time I wear this, I just fall even more in love with this color. I feel like it makes my skin look more tan, when I wear it and it suits the color scheme of my wardrobe (black, black, more black and grey.. he he).

My mom have this fragrance and every time I went home to visit my family, I always had to go spritz a bit on myself, because it smells amazing! On my recent trip to Vienna, I decided to buy this in duty-free for myself and I have been wearing the fragrance ever since. It's a really tricky perfume to explain, it's citrusy, floral and musky, which makes it a great combination of fresh and sexy. 

Favorite everyday sneakers, they are crazy comfortable, I didn't even have to break them in. I love how the laces are white, and the white details too, especially when I wear so much black.

The perfect minimal, simple watch, that looks great with everything. If you want to read a more in depth review, click HERE