Thursday, November 17, 2016

In need of some inspiration for your own wish list this year, or for a woman in her twenties? Here are most of my wishes this year.

I'm in need of an eyeshadow palette, that has most of what I need all together, for when I'm travelling and need to bring as little as possible. This palette does all of that for me and has all the different shades I use - perfect!

Last year I bought a Chromecast and it was the biggest disappointment... Because I watch a lot of things online and need a wireless connection to stream everything onto my TV, I should have just bought this from the beginning, but now I have a chance to have it as a wish instead.

I tried making waves in my hair using my flat iron and WOW it took forever. I have been wanting a waver like this for years to create a different look than the typical type of curls and the year is now.

I randomly spelled this in the store about a month ago, and it spelled so freaking amazing! It's mostly fruity, but has some undertones of white musk, cedar and vanilla.

If there is one thing I use up quickly it's moisturizer. I have never tried this one, but I use a lot of the masks from Origins and love those, so I want to give this a try.

My boobs life problem, have been finding a good supporting sports bra for high intensity activities, like running. I have always had to wear a normal bra underneath my sports bras, to have enough support and it's just not the most optimal solution. I have a good feeling this one, from Nike, is going to be the one! It's super sturdy in the cups and have adjustable straps and closure, so you can tighten it as much as you need.

I love simple rings and I would love this one in my collection. It's made of sterling silver, which I prefer, I'm not a big fan of those green lines you get on your fingers, from wearing the rings from H&M and other places.

This has been the most effective lip balm for me ever! I especially love it at night before i go to bed, the next morning my lips still have some moisture left from the cream the night before. I highly recommend this for people on Accutane too!

Ever since moving out, I have been in need of a smaller suitcase for when I'm going on small trips, either home to visit my parents, school trips or vacations. This one has 4 wheels, a hard shell and it's very lightweight.

If you search "vans" on Pinterest, you will find tons of photos of girls wearing these shoes and they just look soo good, paired with some skinny jeans. I'm also always in need of a good pair of shoes to walk in on a daily basis.