Thursday, June 23, 2016

I quickly stopped into The Body Shop to look at a few of their newest products, here's what I got.

Today I started my third round of Accutane and when you're on Accutane, you have to take extra good care of you skin, especially when you're in the sun. This product is one of the reasons why I went to The Body Shop. I'm very picky about my facial sunscreens, because a lot of them tend to be very sticky and uncomfortable on the skin. This product is extremely light in texture and feels a lot like a moisturizer, that sinks into your skin instantly. 
$35 - 225 DKK

Again because of the Accutane, I wanted a hydrating essence that I can use after my toner and before my serum and moisturizer, to give my skin an extra boost of hydration. This product comes out in a gel formula and when you rub it in, it turn into this light watery formula, that your skin drinks up so quickly.
$22 - 140 DKK

Lastly because I used a bit of money in there, I got this product for free. The girl recommended this Fuji green tea scent over the other scents, because this is the most fresh smelling one. This product is apparently amazing for when you have been to the beach tanning, just leave the product in the fridge and it will soothe and cool down the skin when you come back. Plus if you're not a fan of body moisturizers that make you feel sticky for hours after applying the product, this is the product for you. It sinks into your skin within 3 minutes!
$15 - 135 DKK