Friday, June 10, 2016

Just a few items I have been using and loving the most lately.

Originally I wanted to get the color called "Stockholm" which is a peachy nude, but it was sold out, so I took a look at this shade and it looked like the perfect nude for my lips, almost identical to my own lip color, but slightly more brown. The finish of these lip creams are amazing, they look matte, but you don't get those dried up lines on your lips, it just glides over and smoothes out the lips.

I bought this awhile ago and never used it, because I couldn't figure out how to. Now it's apart of my everyday makeup routine. I apply it after foundation with my middle finger and blend it in using a stippling brush. It gives the skin that perfect "I just came back from the beach" tanned look.

Long-time favorite of mine, but recently it's been so well used and loved everyday. It lasts FOREVER on the eyes! I'm not kidding you, I even took a 4 hour nap with this on and my eye makeup still looked perfect when I woke up. And yes I said a 4 hour nap, let's not talk more about that - hehe...

The perfect blush for very natural peachy cheeks. It's matte and is great for days where you aren't wearing a lot of makeup and just need a little color to the skin.

My all time favorite makeup brush. I think I gave about $1 for this on eBay and it works just as well as the MAC 217 blending brush.