Sunday, May 22, 2016

As some of you might know I'm quite the shopaholic on eBay and I'm always scrolling through the eBay app and finding new things I want to buy.
I wanted to buy this because I want to see how close to the Beauty Blender it is in sponginess. The Beauty Blender is perfect, but it's quite expensive, so I'm looking for a cheaper alternative.

I was in need of a small little travel bag to bring thing to school and work like, perfume, deodorant, a pencil, phone charger and stuff like that.

These are great for multiple things, applying ombre nail polish, setting makeup, applying foundation and concealer. Generally just a great little sponge to have.

This bikini is inspired by the Triangle brand one. It' not the same material as the real Triangle one, it's just your normal one lined bikini fabric. The bikini top is padded and really great quality. The only thing is that the sizing is a bit off, so go a size up.

These nail polishes are SO GOOD and SO CHEAP. Colors are very pigmented and they last for about a week without chips, which I can appreciate. 

eBay is definitely the place to go for cheap phone cases. Here in Denmark a phone case generally cost about 20-30 dollars. Maybe the eBay cases aren't the best for protecting it from crack when you drops it hard, but for the everyday drops they work fine.

Summer season is coming and on eBay you can buy these for much cheaper than they cost in stores.

These whitestrips are a cheaper alternative to the Crest whitestrips, these are not as comfortable on the teeth, but they get the job done for me.