Thursday, April 21, 2016

Curious how I deal with my hair, here are some tips and tricks. Keep reading for more!

I have normal to oily hair. It's more on the fine to thin side, than normal and it's quite straight naturally, but with the slightest wave.

I cut my own hair and right now I'm trying to grown all my hair out to the same length. The longest parts of my hair is cut straight across, to get sharp, thick looking ends. Then I have face framing layers, they start about a hand length under my chin and get longer and longer until they meet the longest parts. Lastly I have some random long layers all over my hair, these are especially the ones I'm trying to grow out. I cut my hair about every 4-5 months.

When you look at the picture of my hair above, you can see that my roots are a light ashy brunette color and as my hair get's longer it turns into this blondish color. That's because I use a highlighting technique called "balayage" on my hair. I highlight it myself about every 6-8 months. I have a post on how I do that, right HERE.

I wash my hair at night time, about 2-3 times a week. I'm not very picky with the products I use, therefore I switch it up every time I run out. At the moment I have been using the Syoss Keratin Hair Perfection Shampoo, two times a week, and on the third hair washing day, which usually is Sunday, I use the Tresemmé Deep Cleansing Shampoo, that clarifies your hair from products and build-up during the week. For conditioner I use the Tresemmé Color Vibrance Protection Conditioner, I have a theory that this will keep my highlights nicer for longer, no clue if that's true. If my hair feels crazy dry and needs some love, I will use the Dove Nourishing Oil Care Hair Mask.
The technique I use for washing my hair is, I ONLY use the shampoo on my scalp and top of my head, I never rub it into the ends of my hair, because those ends are already dry, and you don't want to remove all the natural (healthy) oils from there. When I apply my conditioner, I then ONLY apply it on the ends and the mid lengths of my hair, same with the mask.

Once in awhile on the weekends when my hair sometimes feels extremely dry, I will use coconut oil all over my hair and leave it in overnight. Sometimes I also do a castor oil treatment, I put it over my roots and onto my scalp and again leave it in overnight (this has really helped my hair grow longer and healthier fast). In morning I wash it and condition it and when I get out of the shower I will put my hair in a microfiber hair towel and leave it there for 30 minutes. After that, I either use the argan oil conditioning spray or a hair oil (right now, it's a mixture of grapeseed oil and argan oil), moroccan oil works great aswell. Then I brush it with my Wet Brush and leave it to air dry.

Let's say it's Sunday night and my hair has finally finished air drying, after my night time shower. I will either leave my hair down or put it in a fast, twisted, ballerina bun on the top of my hair and then go to bed like that. When I wake up in the morning, I either have my hair down or take it out of the bun I slept with. On most days I grab my straighteners and add a few extra waves randomly all over my hair, it normally only takes 5 minutes or less. Other days if I have a bit more time, I will use a curling iron and create curls all over my hair (that's what I did on the picture above). If I don't want to use heat on my hair, sometimes I just use a salt water spray, to give my hair some texture and then move on to the next step. Dry shampoo!! My holy grail. You know how I mentioned earlier how my hair tends to get oily, well dry shampoo keeps it going on the second and third day. On the first and second day I will use the Batiste XXL dry shampoo, because it gives my fine hair some volume, while still looking clean. On the third day I use the normal Batiste dry shampoo, because that really makes my hair feel clean again.

If you made it to here congratulations! It's a lot of reading, sorry - but I hope you enjoyed!