Thursday, February 4, 2016

I know this is a taboo subject, but it shouldn't be, half of the world's population deals with this every month.

I started researching about this over half a year ago. It started out with one youtube video about these cups, that lead to another video and soon I noticed a similarity in what all these women had to say about the menstrual cup. "It's life changing!". So of course I was curious and immediately bought my first menstrual cup online.

You might be wondering what this thing is. It's a cup made out of medical grade silicone, that sits inside of you and catches the menstrual flow. 

Just looking at the cups diameter it's about 3-ish centimeters in width and to be able to get it in, you have to use folding techniques to make the cup smaller. 
You fold and insert the cup using your fingers, when you get it in, it pops open and creates a seal. The seal helps the cup stay in place, to catch your menstrual flow. You can leave in up to 12 hours! That means, put it in when you wake up, wear it throughout the day, at dinner time, take it out, re-insert it and you're set until the next morning. THAT IS AMAZING! 
To take it out, since there isn't a string like with tampons. You have to use your pelvic muscles to push the cup downwards, then you have to grab the end tab of the cup and kind off drag the cup down from side to side, being careful not to pull too fast and squish the cup too much, because of the menstrual flow inside the cup. When you get it out, empty the content in the toilet and rinse the cup with water and gentle soap and then it's ready to be re-inserted again. To keep the cup sanitary inbetween cycles, you have to boil the cup in water for 5 minutes, let it dry and put it back in it's protective pouch. 

Can be worn for up to 12 hours.
You can wear it to sleep.
You won't feel it at all, because of the flexible silicone.
The cup has a lifespan of 5-10 years, which means it's very cost effective.
You can swim with it in.
You can exercise with it in.
If it's inserted correctly, it won't leak.
You don't have a risk of getting toxic-shock-syndrome with this, like you have with tampons.
It feels like you are not even on your period, when using it, because you deal with it so little throughout the day.

It has a learning curve, and takes a few tries before you get the hang of inserting and removing it.
It's probably not the easiest way to deal with your periods, if you are very young. 

On the pictures below, a few of the most used folding techniques are illustrated, I use number 2 and it seems like it's the most used one, out of the two.

One of the most popular cups, is called The Diva Cup. You can buy this on Amazon, eBay and here in Denmark you can find it in the store Helsam. The most popular on in Denmark is OrganiCup, you can find it in Matas. The cups normally only come in 2 sizes. Model 1, the smallest, for people that haven't given birth. Model 2, the bigger, for people that have given birth.
If you want a cheaper alternative, go on eBay or Amazon and search "menstrual cup".
Here are links to the cups I have:
The two first cups are from: HERE
The third one is from: HERE

If you want to know even more in detail about menstrual cups, head over to Youtube.