Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The past year I have been wearing nail colors like these and have finally decided on which ones are my most used and loved sophisticated colors.

This is the most colorful polish of the four. It's a perfect medium toned mauve color, that looks like a smooth gel polish on your nails. To me this is quite a "natural" color for nail polishes that aren't nude and it looks great with most outfits. Love it!

If you have the same skin tone as me, a fair yellowish skin tone, this nail polish is the perfect nude for you! It makes you fingers look long and slender. The polish is perfectly shiny without a top coat.

If you want a more pale pigmented nude, this is a shade for you. It has a beautiful gel finish and stays on the nails for days without chipping. 

This is the shade I'm wearing right now as I'm writing this. This is kinda off a transparent pale pinkish white color. It look a bit like the shade of your nails naturally, this polish evens out your nail color and smooths over any groves and lines. It's not streaky at all and stays on your nail forever.