Sunday, October 11, 2015

If you love filling your home with greenery, plant centers are definitely the place to go. I went there last weekend... guess why? To buy some new plants, surprise!

I have been wanting to go to a plant centre for the longest time, and this past weekend I finally went and bought some lovely plants.

I ended up buying and repotting the two last plants you see in this post. I bought two cacti, I have no clue what type of cacti they are, but one of them is a beautiful green cactus, with a red end - looks fab! The other one is what I would call a normal cactus, because it's all green and with scary needle pricks, which I probably hurt myself on 10 times while repotting it.
The last little plant you see on the picture is a succulent. With those three plants I wanted to make my own terrarium, so I used an old glass vase, added some dirt, the plants and then some small granite stones to finish it off. The second plant i repotted is a jungle, palm looking plant. I LOVE IT! Everything palm related, I'm on it! So yes, I had to get that plant - it's called an Areca palm, and I got a smaller table size version of it.

I would definitely recommend everyone going to a plant centre and buy at least one plant. It gives your space so much more life and happiness.