Sunday, August 16, 2015

I watched Hank Green's Youtube video on his favorite feelings and was inspired to create my own, so here it is.

1. Listening to an old school song that brings up memories
Just sitting at home, shopping in the city or having a tough day - when that song comes on, my mood instantly brightens and I immediately want to sing and dance.

2. When I remove my makeup
Makeup is a wonderful, creative thing, but after a long day of wearing makeup, removing it, is just the greatest feeling.

3. Drinking a glass of water when I'm really thirsty
A nice cold glass of water is the best when I'm thirsty.

Sitting down after standing up the whole day
When I have been out for a long shopping day, the second I sit down at a café or restaurant to take a break, ahh..

5. A hug
From a friend and my family can cure all bad days.

6. Laughing so hard I get stomach cramps or start crying
Who doesn't love laughing, I sure do! There's nothing better than those moments I just can't stop laughing at.

7. When a conversation happens without any effort
Clicking with a person like that is just so special, and it doesn't happen that often, therefore I really appreciate moments like these.

8. When I know I don't have to do anything the whole day
To all the lazy people, we all love this feeling! To be able to just hang out on the couch with movies and tv shows and not do anything else, is perfect. Sometimes I just need these days.

9. Taking the first bite of my favorite meal
When I have been craving pizza for a while and decide, tonight's the night, that first bite just makes all my taste buds dance.

10. A smile from a stranger
Living in Denmark, where people aren't that welcoming to strangers on the street. Whenever I have and encounter with a person and they smile to me, just because, then I know all is right.

11. Organizing
I'm the type of person that gets frustrated if I have to exist in a mess. Therefore I like to make sure everything is where it's supposed to be and if it at some point gets a bit of hand (about 2 times a year), I have a clearing out and organizing day. I love these days, keeps me calm and collected. 

12. Going to sleep after a loooong day
Turning off the light and getting comfy under the covers and knowing I don't have to get up the next 6-8 hours... Pure relaxation.

13. When I watch an animal being happy
I just love these guys and wish I could own a zoo of animals. Seeing my bunny run around and be happy, is something I could look at all day, makes me so happy!

14. Visiting my family
Coming back home to my stomping grounds where I grew up, can be the best type of therapy, when I need a break from my everyday life. There is nothing better than being surrounded by people I love, that loves me back, where I can be 100% myself.

15. Being reminded how lucky I am to have the life I have
Being human, I always compare myself to others and their lifes, but taking a step back and thinking about how lucky I really am is so important. I'm healthy, have a job, I'm able to buy myself food, I'm studying, I have an apartment to get home to and a healthy family and friends that loves me. I couldn't ask for more.