Friday, June 19, 2015

What all these beautiful colors have in common is, when you wear them people will definitely notice your nails and a bonus is, they all look AMAZING on tanned skin!

Listed from top left to bottom right picture:

Sittin' Pretty by Essie 
A muted neon, purple shade. 
think this is the most low-key polish out of the six. It's still bright though, but not as bright as a true neon nail polish. This a little more sheer than I would like, I'm wearing two coats on the picture, but I think three would look more evened out and better.

Bestival Blue by Rimmel Rita Ora Collection
A fairly new release of nail polishes, this is definitely my favorite shades out of the Rita Ora collection. It's a beautiful lavender toned, light blue. Great for people with cooler skin tones. I have a full depth review on the this 
particular nail polish you can read here, if you are interested.

Shocking Pink by China Glaze 
I bought this in the states a while ago, and I always bring it out in the summer time. It's a true neon, bright pink. The picture really doesn't do justice, it's SO BRIGHT - it even lights up on the dance floor, I tried it! I think this is perfect to wear on your toes and it really stands out with a tan.

Greenberry by Berry M Hi-Shine
This is usually one of the first bright shade I wear when the summer months begin. This shade is amazing and it stays on your nails for soo long. The Hi-Shine line from Barry M is truly amazing, all the shades are beautiful, applies smoothly and therefore look perfect on your nails. Would definitely recommend picking this shade up!

Mellow Yellow by Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear
This is an oldie, but a goodie! It's a light to medium yellow, milky and smooth in texture. This nail polish looks even more amazing on people with an olive skin-tone and on women with a darker complexion.

Blue My Mind by H&M
I think this is a holy grail nail polish color. It's that perfect, bright, cobalt blue color. Very similar to the Essie's Butler Please, just way more cheaper! This is again a little more low-key, but still bright!

This summer I'm first going on vacation to Austria and then London in the later summer months, so look out for some lifestyle vacation posts, in the upcoming months! I hope you guys are going to have an amazing summer too!