Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I have always wanted a reclaimed wood table, but it's very expensive here in Denmark. Since I had an old ikea table top, that was completely worn and boring to look at, I thought I would turn it into something a bit more exciting, and nail some homemade, stained wood boards on top of it.

The trick for the stain is, vinegar and fine grade steel wool, the kind you buy at building supply stores. You are going to add 1,5 cups of vinegar to 1 roll of steel wool, in an air tight jar, like a mason jar. Rip up the steel wool into smaller pieces and pour the vinegar over it, screw the lid on tightly and let it sit for 24 to 48 hours, depending on how dark you want  the stain to be. With time, the steel wool will devolve into the vinegar and create this dark, grey brown color and that's what's going to turn your light, fresh looking, untreated wood boards, into a beautiful worn wood color. 

For the wood boards, I went to my local building supply store and bought two long wood boards, that I cut into smaller boards, so they wood fit with the measurements of my table top. I sanded them down, to make sure the wood was smooth and finally nailed them on the table top. 

Then the staining process began. I applied one coat of the staining solution from a few days earlier and decided, after letting it dry, that I wanted it to look darker and ended up applying about 3 coats of the stain and letting it dry in-between coats. The following day, I sealed it all with a clear spray lacquer for wood and of course waited for it to dry, before taking my new lovely table into use. I'm so happy with the way it looks now and I definitely recommend trying out the vinegar/steel wool solution for staining wood, it works so well!

Good luck with your DIY projects!