Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I am now settled in, in my new apartment, here in Odense, Denmark. It's my fourth week of studying radiography and I just started at my new weekend job, so, so far everything is pretty good.

I got the keys to my apartment on Friday earlier this month and on Saturday, I moved over one hour away from the city I grew up in. I know the distance is nothing for you guys living in the states, but here in Denmark, it seems so far away. At the end of the weekend, I was basically unpacked and had all the furniture I needed. Since I moved into a small, studio, loft apartment, I didn't need a lot of new furniture, so with the help from my family, the move was fairly easy and fast.

On Monday after my parents went back home, I knew I had to go to IKEA again, to buy a few things I forgot. Since I'm a student and can't be bothered with the extra expenses a car causes, I had to transport all my purchases on my bike, with a 30 minute bike ride to my apartment. It was quite the challenge trying to fit everything onto my bike, but I got everything stuffed inside my purse and bag and the biggest thing attached to the back of my bike and there I was, driving super slow and getting a few funny looks from people, that probably thought driving in the rain, with my bike stuffed with things, didn't look safe, but you gotta do what you gotta do!

Check out the DIY ceiling light fixture I recreated, from finding inspiration on Pinterest. It's so simple and relatively inexpensive. This is how i made it. I found two branches in the woods, that I cleaned thoroughly (one branch is enough). Then I bought a triple pendant cord set from IKEA, three light bulbs and two wall hooks. Then I put everything together and there you go.

Other than that, I'm excited about what I'm studying, as I wrote before, I'm on the fourth week of studying to become a Radiologic Technologist. So far we have been learning about the whole body, all the bones, joints, organs and so much more, that we have to memorize. It's difficult and I have now hung up pictures of the human body on my door, to help myself with the learning process. 

All in all, I am extremely happy with my new life here in Odense and my little apartment. It's always scary to do something you haven't done before, and you can only hope everything it going to be smooth and the way you expected and for me, so far, it definitely did. I feel so lucky! And on top of that, I have a great view for looking at sunrises and sunsets, like i did the other morning. Sunrises and sunsets have to be one of my favorites and one of the most beautiful experiences, that makes me appreciate life and can turn my bad days into something great.

Thanks for reading!