Saturday, January 10, 2015

To keep it cute, simple and under control, I have cut down the list of my new beauty discoveries for 2014, to my top five, the best, of the best. The five products that made this year amazing in the beauty department are...

Urban Decay NAKED Palette. Yes, you are all probably thinking, how did you not discover this years ago??? Before I bought this palette, I thought "I have so many good eyeshadows, I don't need this palette." Well.. That changed and I had to have it, since then it's been my favorite palette. It's so versatile and has beautiful and pigmented eyeshadows. Definitely a must-have in everyones makeup collection, even if you are just starting out. For my full review and swatches on this palette, click here.

Catrice Prime and Fine Smoothing Refiner. I found this product in December, so it's pretty impressing that it made it to my top five. I have never found as good of a face primer as this one. It totally blurs out your pores and makes your makeup stay on all day! It has that silicone feeling, and before this guy, I never felt like those primers had very good lasting powers, but this primer is so worth it and super inexpensive.

KIKO Rock Attraction Blush 05 Sound Coral. In 2009 I bought a different blush from KIKO, they have sadly stopped selling that one, so last year I was looking through the different blushes they sell at KIKO and found that this Rock Attraction Blush is very similar. If you think the Hourglass blushes are a bit too luminous for your liking, this is the blush for you. It still gives your skin a slight glow, the colors are very pigmented and long lasting. I especially loved this coral shade during the summer last year, when my skin was a bit more tanned.

Laura Geller GlamLASH Mascara. I got this mascara in a sample set last year and unexpectedly ended up loving it. I'm the type of person that don't normally like mascara right when you open a new tube of it, because it's way to wet. Therefore I open my mascaras, leave them for a few weeks and when I get back to them, they are a bit more dry in the formula and easier for me to work with. This mascara has a dryer formula from the beginning, that way I can start using it right when I get it. It's a great volumizing mascara and if you add a second layer, it's going to make your eyelashes longer too. Sadly my sample size ran out, so I'm definitely getting the full size!

Loréal True Match Minerals Powder Foundation. I think I'm cheating a little with this product, since it's a rediscovery and not a completely new product for me, but it deserves to be mentioned. This powder foundation was actually the first foundation I ever tried, when I was about fifteen or sixteen. The thing is, after trying out some amazing liquid foundations, this product got pushed all the way into the back of my drawer, but when I was decluttering my makeup, I found this again and didn't understand why I stopped using it. So it's a rediscovery for me and I love it. It reminds me a lot of the Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation, in the way that it has great coverage, this is though more of a medium coverage, than full, but it's buildable. It's long lasting and I think it's great for people with oily skin. This powder foundation is one of those, that has to sit on your skin for a bit, before it looks good. It's weird, but after having worn it for 30(ish) minutes it looks amazing and the very powdery look is gone, but it's still matte.