Friday, November 7, 2014

Still looking for that one lipstick that will enhance your natural lip color? Well here is guide to finding it and a few lipstick suggestions.  

What I'm wearing on the picture above, is a lipliner from No7 in the shade 20 Nude and a lipstick from Revlon in the shade 415 Pink In The Afternoon. The lipliner has a matte finish and the lipstick has a creme finish and they are both really smooth to apply. I only lined my lips with the lip liner, I didn't fill them in, then I used my ring finger to blend the lipliner and finished of with dapping the lipstick over my lips. This way the color looks more natural.

Still haven't found the perfect lip shade? There is a few things you can do to find the perfect match to your own lip color. First thing is to match it with the darkest shade of your inner lip. I would recommend taking a photo of you inner lip, so you don't look like a fool, when comparing shades in-store. Famous makeup artist Bobbi Brown recommends to wear absolutely no makeup when trying to find your perfect shade, because if it look good on you, without any makeup, it definitely will with makeup on too. Last thing you can do, is to swatch a bunch of colors on your hand and find one you think matches nicely or two or three, it can be hard to choose.

Lipstick Shades For Your Skin Tone:
Fair/cool skin tones: Rosy or mauve lipstick shades.
Fair/warm skin tones: Pink, peachy lipstick shades.
Medium skin tones: Medium pink or rose lipstick shades.
Dark skin tones: Cool, slightly pink-leaning caramel lipstick shades.

Down below I created a small list of "My Lips Put Better" lipstick shades, that you should try out, if you are unsure which ones to look for.