Tuesday, October 28, 2014

If you want your eyeshadow to stay all day long, look vibrant and be smudge proof, this is the perfect product for you!

These cream, gel eyeshadows are amazing! I have had my first color since 2 years ago and it's still smooth and creamy in the jar, it hasn't dried out at all. These shadows can be worn by themselves or by applying a powder eyeshadow on top, to make everything last longer. With these cream eyeshadows your makeup will stay in place all day long, which is pretty impressing. I once even took a nap while wearing one of the shades and when I woke up, my eye makeup looked exactly the same! I can honestly not say anything bad about these, they are not expensive, you can find them in drugstores everywhere and they will stick on your lids like a tattoo, as the name implies.

My Favorite Colors:
Bad to the Bronze is a bronzed color with tiny gold flecks. This color is great for an everyday smokey look, applied all over the lids, but you can also create and dark bronzed smokey-eye and apply a dark color over this cream eyeshadow, for an even longer lasting look. Barely Branded is the most perfect everyday eyeshadow, it's a beautiful champagne color with a nice sheen, that will catch the light and create a gorgeous shimmer. Metallic Pomegranate is a dark burgundy, red color, with gold flecks. This color is great for a fall evening look and compliments green and hazel eyes beautifully, since it will make those eye colors more vibrant! 

Highly pigmented
Won't dry out
Easy to blend
Smudge proof


How I Apply The Product:
First I get some of the product on my ring finger, then I apply the product to my lids, concentrating the color in the middle, at the base of my eyelashes and gently bringing the color out and up towards the crease. When I reach the crease I stop and grab my MAC 217 blending brush and blend out the edges of the cream eyeshadow. You can also blend it out with a clean finger, but I think it's easier and faster to blend it out with a brush. Now the cream eyeshadow part is done, if I'm going to apply powder eyeshadow on top, I just do it like I normally would.