Friday, October 31, 2014

I found this gem about a year ago now, when it had just been released and immediately feel in love with this mysterious, seductive perfume.

The Body Shop White Musk Smoky Rose Perfume
It's a daring and mysterious musk fragrance, this seductive eau de parfum/toilette features an intoxicating blend of cruelty-free musk with sinuous notes of black smoky rose and tobacco flower.

- Seductive floral-musk scent
- Contains cruelty-free musk
- Lasting eau de parfum

My taste in fragrance is a bit tricky, because i'm quite picky. I don't like fragrances that are too sweet and "vanillary", nor to musky and heavy. I mostly stay away from those scents, because they give me a headache, if I'm constantly smelling it. This fragrance is probably the most musky one I have at the moment, but it's just the perfect amount. It's definitely more of a "grown up" perfume and I feel like it will suit people better from 18+. If I had to describe it with 3 words, I would say it's spicy, floral and seductive. To me it's the perfect fall/winter perfume and it's especially great for nighttime. I think the reason why I love this fragrance so much, is because it's one of those that will make you feel mysterious and sexy, who doesn't love feeling that way - am I right ladies?