Thursday, October 30, 2014

eBay is always a dangerous site to look through and now that I have the eBay app on my phone I tend to check it fairly often. Even though I spend money on eBay, I actually save money buying the things I want from eBay, compared to buying it in stores, because most things cost 40-50% less on the site.

Here is my little review on all the things I have bought on eBay the past few months.

This brush is kind of a dupe for the Real Techniques Contour Brush, but not. It's a bit more pointy, which is great because you can more easily get into crevices, like around your nose or close to your eyes. The brush is really soft and doesn't shed.

This is one of my newest purchases and I'm in love! This thing makes it's so much easier to push down your cuticles, than using your nails or whatever. Why didn't I own this before now?!

I have been looking for a pen type of eyeliner, that won't smudge. Before I used one from e.l.f. and within a few hours it would smudge in the outer corners of my eyes, but with this one, it stays put and it's super matte, which I love!

People...! You are going to save so much money buying iPhone covers from eBay then in stores. iPhone covers are so overprices in stores and you can pretty much find whichever one you would like online and it will cost 1/10 of the price, so why not do it! I especially love the gel covers you can get from China, they are sturdy and protect your phone so nicely.

False Eyelashes:
I bought this pack of 10 pairs of eyelashes for no money! So inexpensive and I think they are amazing. A lot of false eyelashes have a pretty noticeable band, but these have such a thin band, that you would even need eyeliner to cover it.

Sleek 3 in 1 Blush Palette:
Since you can't get Sleek products in Danish stores, online was my only option. This 3 in 1 blush palette is awesome for traveling, because you get 3 different colors, in a sleek skinny packaging, that won't take up any room. The colors are crazy pigmented, so this palette will last you for a long time.

Max Factor Facefinity 3 in 1 Foundation:
I saved about 50% buying this on eBay than in stores. This is a great everyday foundation, for people with a normal skin type. It didn't stay as long on my oily skin as I would have liked, which is why it's not my favorite foundation at the moment. 

Max Factor Ageless 2 in 1 Serum Foundation:
I saved the same amount on this foundation, as the one before and this is my new favorite foundation. It has great coverage, seems to control the oils on my face pretty well and stays on longer than most foundations I have tried.

Packaging is cute, product is a bit like a tinted lip balm.

iPhone 4 to 5s Music Adapter:
This was a must for me, since I have an iPhone 4 dock that I couldn't use with my iPhone 5s - now I can finally use my dock again! Works just how I would like it!

Again one of those purchases where I saved about 40% compared to buying it in stores. Love this Essie color, it's perfect for spring and summer.

So next time you are thinking about buying something, try checking out eBay first - I have only had great experiences with the site!