Monday, August 11, 2014

These are my top 10 favorite and most used makeup brushes. These are the 10 brushes I would buy first, if I lost all my brushes and they would be perfect for beginners as well!


First one is an eyebrow brush from Sonia Kashuk, I love this one because the hairs on the brush are harder than other ones I have tried, and I feel like because of that, it grips the eyebrow hairs better and puts them in the right place.

The second one is a MAC 226 brush, I like using this in the inner corners of my eyes to apply a highlight. It's fluffy and small at the same time and fits nicely in that area of the eye.

Third one is Sonia Kashuk No. 109. It's a fluffy blending brush, and I have started using this way more than my MAC 224 brush, that looks a lot like it, because this one from Sonia Kashuk is way more softer and blends your eyeshadows out beautifully!

Next is a MAC 217 brush - everybody talks about this one! This is again a blending brush, it's just a little more stiff than the one I mentioned before and therefore it works great when you want to apply a shadow all over your lids, or if you want to concentrate a color in a specific place on your eyes and then blend the edges out.

The last eyeshadow brush I'm going to mention is this one, that is supposed to be a copy of the one before. I found it on eBay, and it's pretty similar, except it's a bit bigger. I like using this to apply eyeshadow in the crease of my eyes, it gives the right amount of color and it blends it out nicely, without removing the eyeshadow again.


First one is the Real Techniques Contour Brush. I don't use this for contour, I love using this for blending out concealer, both under my eyes and on the face. But it's also wicked at blending out foundation!

Second one is the Real Techniques Buffing Brush. I use this for applying powder all over my face and buffing out any harsh bronzer and blush lines.

Third is from Nilens Jord 375. This is a Danish brand, but a bunch of brands make these types of stippling brushes. Some people like this for applying foundation, I like this for applying blush, because it's gives a light natural application. 

Next is e.l.f's Complexion Brush. I use this to apply bronzer and contour on the cheeks, it's soft and blends out the product nicely.

Last one is Claire's Kabuki Brush. I use this to apply bronzer all over my face. I love it, because it picks up the right amount of product, it's soft and makes application easy and fast!