Friday, August 22, 2014

I'm a big fan of the balayage highlighting look and since my previous balayage was starting to fade and look dull, I wanted to freshen it up using the Schwarzkopf Blonde Highlighting Kit, which made the process so easy and fast. If you want to know how I did it and why I think this highlighting kit is great, keep on reading.

This is a picture of how you balayage your hair. What I like about these type of highlights, is that it's so easy to keep up, because you already have part of your natural hair color showing. Therefore you can maintain a lighter hair colour, without having to go for touch ups every month. Depending on what look you are trying to achieve, this can both look really natural (like my hair) or really bold.

The kit i used, comes with a plastic tray, highlighting cap, striping tool, mixing tool, toning conditioner, developer, bleach, instructions and gloves. 
You are not going to need anything else but this box. The directions are easy to follow and there are pictures in the instructions showing you different ways to highlight your hair. You can do a full head of highlights using the highlighting cap, you can use the small striping brush to stripe on the bleach to specific section or you can like me, just use your fingers.

Mix the developer and the bleach together in the plastic tray using the mixing tool. Make sure you get all the bleach powder incorporated into the liquid, we don't want any lumps! If you are using a hair dye, without bleach, then just mix following the box directions.

Protect your clothes and skin. I sported an old towel around my shoulders, that I didn't mind getting stained from the bleach. 

Brush you hair out, we don't want any knots while doing this. Then part your hair where your natural parting is, or the parting you wear your hair the most. 

Since I was going for natural highlights, I didn't apply bleach on the tips of my whole hair, like you saw on the picture above. I simply just took a small section of hair starting from the back, then dipped my thumb and pointer finger into the tray with the bleach mix and applied it to the section concentrating it on the tip of the hair.

UPDATE 2016: I now do saturate the ends of my hair with the bleach aswell, like the picture show above. This gives more of that balayage effect, rather than just highlights. Look at the picture in the bottom of this post.

Now for the important part. On the picture below I drew a white and red line on a section of my hair. The white part is where you want to concentrate the bleach. The red part is where you want to start using your thumb and pointer finger to lightly spread the bleach upwards, this will blend the bleach in, to create a gradient effect into your natural hair colour. Where the red line ends is where the fading ends. I hope that that makes sense.

Do this to all the sections you wish to highlight. I would recommend not touching the under layer of your hair too much, because you won't even be able to see those highlights, so why even risk damaging that hair. 

Let it sit for about 20-40 minutes. To keep the bleach wet you can wrap some foil around your hair, some say this makes the product work better. I just use it to avoid getting bleach everywhere. After the first 20 minutes check your hair and see how much lighter it is, if it's not as light as you want, let it sit for 5-10 minutes longer and check again.

When you satisfied with the color of your balayage/highlights, wash it out thoroughly and apply the toning conditioner that comes with the kit. This conditioner has a blue/purple tint, that will cancel out any orangy, yellow tones in the hair, and make your highlights look fresh and soft. Leave the toner in for minimum 3 minutes and wash it out.

Update: This is my highlighted hair using this technique in 2016.