Monday, August 4, 2014

I just came back from my vacation in the South of France and since I bought a few french and other beauty things, I wanted to share them with you guys!

I'm obsessed with KIKO makeup, it's an italian made, professional makeup brand and their products are amazing and their prices aren't bad at all. So I bought this eyeshadow palette, just because the colors were pretty and I thought they would suit my green eyes nicely. I tried the colors on my eyes yesterday, and they are extremely pigmented and smooth. They blend so nicely and gives you are beautiful look to your eyes. The palette comes in 4 different shades, from neutrals, to purples to green colors.

A few years ago, I bought a blush from KIKO, they called it the Bling Blush, you can't buy it anymore, but it's one of my favorite blushes, so of course I had to buy a new one from them. I'm happy to say, that this blush is amazing as well. Great color pay off, beautiful color and gives your cheeks a nice glow. Definitely try these two products out if you find a KIKO makeup store!

I have heard so much rave about this product and since I was in France I had to get this! It's seriously the best moisturizer ever! It's for all skin types and hydrates your skin, like there is no tomorrow. It doesn't leave your face sticky for long, so you don't have to wait a long time before your can apply makeup, if you use it in the morning. I use it both morning and evenings, and it makes my makeup stay on all day and makes my skin nice and soft in the morning, after having slept with it on my face.

This is again a product a ton of people have been talking about and since I haven't been able to find this in Denmark, I went to a French supermarket, and there it was, finally! It's easy to apply, you just twist the cap and product comes out on the little sponge. The finish is beautiful and brightening and makes you look super awake! Please send this product to Denmark Maybelline! 

I have tried this before and it was amazing! So i bought 2x500 ml bottles of it, YES! Cleansing water for years! This is the best cleansing water out there and it's so gentle, that it works for pretty much all skin types. It removes makeup, put's your skins pH levels back to normal and preps your skin for moisturizer. You guys have to try this and it's easy to find on Amazon and eBay.