Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Yesterday I went shopping with my bestie in Aarhus, Denmark. Since I have been doing a bit of shopping throughout August, I thought I would share the items I bought with you guys, so you are able to find these items as well, if any of them interests you.

First we went into Monki, I seriously love that store. I picked up this basic striped t-shirt, because the fit is amazing and the material is really light and flowy. I can definitely see myself wanting to wear this one everyday.. now I kinda wish I bought this in different colors.

Right next to Monki there was a H&M store. You can't go shopping without popping into a H&M store, am I right? This H&M had a huge sales section, and I'm pretty proud of myself, because I only bought these scalloped flats from the sales sections and they were 50% off! Oh yes! I have found that buying my ballet flats in a size up, stops my feet from getting blisters and cuts, and your feet normally get a bit swollen during the day, so they fit perfectly. In H&M I also found some items in their cosmetic section. I bought their Salt Water Spray, which smells nice and works like other more expensive brands I have tried. I also wanted to try out their Lip Pen, they had a selection of colors and I loved all of them, but ended up buying the color Payaya Punch. It's a beautiful orangy, peachy color. It can look very natural on the lips, but you can only apply it a little heavier and get more of an opaque color. It's soft and moisturizing on the lips and feels like your are wearing a lip balm - I love it!

We went into Tiger as well. I bought some Front Foot Gel Insoles, that I'm intending to use in heels, because heels without a platform can be pretty tough for the front bit of the foot. I also found a plate mat, that I'm going to use as a background for my pictures here on the blog.

In Bianco I found these cage looking shoes, with a chunky heel. I got these on sale too and they were about 60-70% off, bargain! Here are some links to shoes that looks a bit like these - - 

The two last stops were in Gina Tricot and a danish store called Normal. In Gina I found what I have been looking for in forever, a bralet! It was the only one left, so they didn't have it in black, so it is pink. In Normal I bought a Batiste Dry Shampoo in Cool & Crisp Fresh, this has to be the best smelling dry shampoo out there! I also got the W7 Prime Magic Eye Primer, because I wanted to try a new one.

Next up on my shopping list is the Essie Nail Polish in Sittin' Pretty:

I hope you enjoyed this haul!