Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Now that it's summer we want to take extra good care of our hair. The high UV levels from the sun will damage your hair, if you are spending a lot of your time outside, by the pool or at the beach. So here are a few hair care tips, that you should bear in mind especially during the summer, but also in general, if you want healthier hair!

1. Only wash your hair 2-3 times a week
This will give your hair time to produce natural oils and those oils are going to repair and nourish your hair, which will keep it from breaking and getting dry. I know it's hard, because oily hair doesn't look or feel great, but you can between washes use a dry shampoo, to remove the shine and give your hair some volume.

2. Use a good hair oil
After taking a shower, apply a hair oil in the ends of your hair, where your hair tends to get the most dry. This is going to add more moisture to your hair, and on top of that make it shiny and control frizz.

3. Be careful when combing wet hair
Wet hair is super fragile, and if you comb your hair with a normal brush, you might end up breaking the hair strands, which is going to cause split ends. Therefore use a wide tooth comb or a brush made for wet hair, like the Wet Brush. 

4. Avoid hair dyes as much as possible
My natural hair color is a dark blonde/dirty blonde, for a long time I had my hair highlighted. I decided I didn't want to color it anymore and started growing the highlights out, so now it look more like a natural ombre effect. If it isn't possible for you to just grow it out as it is. Pick a hair dye close to your natural hair color and dye you hair that color. Then when you start growing out your hair, you won't have crazy roots showing.
But if you HAVE TO color your hair, try only getting the top half of your hair colored. For example if you are getting highlights, then only highlight the top half, that way you keep the underneath layer (the length of your hair) healthy.

5. Get hair trims every 4-5 months
This is important, because if you never trim your hair, your split ends are going to move up higher and higher and that's going to give you dry, brittle, disgusting looking hair. So if you keep trimming your hair every 4 to 5 months, then your hair won't have that many split ends and therefore your hair dresser won't have to cut very much hair off. 

6. Use cotton or plastic hair ties
Avoid using those hair ties that have a metal bar on them. Those are going to tear you hair out. Either use plastic or cotton. The best thing would be using a scrunchie and nowadays you can get scrunchies that look acceptable to wear in public. These type of hair ties are better to use, because they won't bend your hair as badly and break it.

7. Use UV protection on your hair
Everybody talks about using sunscreen on your face and body, but what about your hair??? That's very important as well, if you don't want to fry your hair. You can either buy heat protectors or hair sprays that protect against UV light.

8. Avoid using heat on your hair
Now that we are talking about heat. Try avoiding using any type of heat on your hair - like flat irons, curling irons and blow dryers. These are going to damage your hair SO BADLY. If you have to use any of the three, use a blow dryer to style your hair, that won't damage as much, but it's still not good. 
You can create a lot of amazing hairstyles without heat, by making your hair wet and sleeping on it in different hair styles. Sleeping with your hair in braids will give you crimps and waves and sleeping with your hair in a bun, will give you curly looking hair. So try out different styles and you might end up loving the outcome and still avoiding heat and making your hair healthier.

9. No-Poo
I know this sounds weird, but it's not what it sounds like. This method is a way of cleansing and conditioning your hair naturally by using baking soda and apple cider vinegar. Mix a tablespoon of baking soda with 1 cup of filtered water and use this in your hair as a shampoo, this is going to clean your hair like a shampoo would, but without any foam. Mix 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar and 1/2 cup filtered water and use this in the ends of your hair as a conditioner.