Monday, June 9, 2014

The perfect, simple product for people with dry lips!

This product is finally in Denmark! I have been hearing so many good things about it, and all of it is true!

This lip butter is freaking amazing! It's nice and creamy and leaves your lips super soft and with a nice soft gloss. This stuff stays on your lips for quite a while, I remember first time I wore it, after one hour my lips still had the same feeling, as if I just had applied the product.

It comes in four different flavors/scents. Original, Vanilla & Macadamia, Raspberry Rose and Caramel Cream. The one I have is Vanilla & Macadamia and it spells amazing, like freshly baked cookies. I'm sure the three other flavors are yummy aswell. I really want to try Raspberry Rose and Original too.

This product is inexpensive and I'm pretty sure it's going to last for up to 4 months, depending on how often you use it. It contains 0.50 oz. 16.7 g. and 19 ml. so it's a pretty good amount.

If you can find this product in your local drugstore or supermarked, I recommend you guys to try it out! So worth it!

Hope you guys enjoyed it!