Saturday, June 14, 2014

These are my top 10 favorite nailpolishes at the moment, they are not placed in order from 1-10 most liked, because I like them all so much. But if you want to know why i love these polishes, keep on reading..

The first one is Smooth Sailing by Essie - a medium, muted, purple-toned blue color, with a slight silver shimmer. This color looks so nice on the nails and it was one of those nail polishes I painted on several times in a row, because I love it so much. The formula is great and the color is pigmented so you only need 2 coats.

The second one is First Timer by Essie - a bright green color. A little bit more muted than a grass green color, but looks great with a tan, great for summer! Again great formula and nice pigmentation.

The third one is Fiji by Essie - a super light (almost white) pink color. This one is SO pretty, and gives your hands that really clean, sophisticated look. This one you need about 2-3 coats for it to look it's best. 
I know these were all Essie polishes, but Essie makes great nail polishes! I love the formula, the brush is fine (I would have liked a wider brush a bit more) and the color payoff is great!

Moving on..

The fourth one is Greenberry by Barry M (Hi-Shine Collection) - a bright blue-toned green. The Berry M Hi-Shine collection is amazing, the polishes are super pigmented and glossy and stay on your nails for a longer amount of time than your normal nail polish. This color is wicked and great for summer. Again one of those polishes I wore several times in a row, and I'm actually wearing it right now, whilst writing this! Love it!

The fifth one is Raspberry from Berry M - a cool-toned darker red color. I love this nail polish on my toes! This is from the original line, super pigmented and smooth. Love the brush and easy to apply.  This is especially a good color for fall and winter, but I gladly wear it all year around.

The sixth one is 549 Distraction by Chanel - a coral color, with a duo chrome pink sheen to it. If you're the same as me, not a big fan of pink nail polish, you might like this one, because it's more coral, but in a specific light it looks a little bit more pink. This applies like a dream, love the formula, you need 2-3 coats to get the right color.

The seventh one is Heatwave by Wet n Wild - a wild reddish coral color. I love this for the summer time! Such an awesome color! The brush is amazing too, because it's wide so you only need 2-3 strokes before your whole nail is covered. 1-2 coats are enough for this polish to look nice, so great pigmentation. Long lasting and nice and shiny.

The eight one is Knitted Gold by Maybelline (Brocades Collection) - a gold and rose gold glittery top coat. I heard about this color from and bought it right away. This polish looks amazing over nude nail polishes, whites and the next nail polish I'm going to mention. This one was again, one of those I applied several times in a row. It leaves your nails super glamorous and glittery and catches everybody's attention!

The ninth one is Golden Brown by Maybelline - a rose gold color. This polish is soo nice! It has a nice wide brush, so again, you only ned 2-3 strokes and your whole nail is covered. You only need 1-2 coats to get the right color. The polish stays on for about 4-5 days on my nails without chipping. This color looks amazing under the rose gold top coat I mention before.

The tenth one is Insta-Dry by Sally Hansen - a clear top coat. I had to include my favorite top coat. This one is great! It dries fast, makes your nails shiny and keeps your nails chip-free for days!

Hope you enjoyed!