Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Today I'm going to share my everyday skincare routine and the products I use on my skin, both in the morning and at nighttime - so let's go!

Loréal Sublime Glow Cleansing Oil:
I only use this product at nighttime to remove my eye and face makeup. This is amazing at breaking down your makeup. I leave my face and hands dry, then I squirt a pump of the product on my hand and start rubbing it onto my eyelashes to breakup my eye makeup, after that I rub it onto my face, still using the one pump from before. Then i wet my hands and start rubbing water on my face, the oil will start turning a kinda milky way, and you will notice that your makeup is petty much gone. Love this product! Fast and easy, just what you need at nighttime when your eyes are half asleep.

In the morning I sometimes use this product to clean my face from any oils that might have been produced overnight. But most mornings I only splash some water on my face and eyes to get any eye boogers out. 
At night I use this after my cleansing oil, to clean my face furthermore. I wet my hands and face, apply a bit of the product on my hand and rub my hand together to spread the product. Then I rub it onto my face in circular motions, the product will start foaming, and after about a minute, I splash my face with water and then dry my face of with a towel.
This stuff is awesome at cleansing your face, it's very gentle, but still manages to get all the leftover makeup off.

I always keep my toner in a spray bottle, I feel like you waste a lot of the product in the typical squeeze bottles, but this way you use the right amount. You can even just spray it directly on your face, but I prefer spraying it on a cotton round and then using the cotton round to remove any last bits of makeup on my face. After this step my face will for sure be completely clean!

I use this serum in the morning to prep my skin for the day. This is a great lightweight serum and that's why I find it perfect for the daytime. I apply a pea size amount to my fingers with the dropper and then rub the product onto both of my hands and press my hands gently all over my face to apply the product.

At nighttime I use the amazing serum from Estée Lauder! I truly love this product which kinda sucks, because it's really expensive! But since i started using this, my skin is smooth, my scarring has definitely faded a bit and on top of that I feel like it's great at keeping your skin young and wrinkle free. 

For my moisturizer I use something a little different. I feel like these two products are what works the best as a moisturizer on my skin. Since using these I haven't broken out like crazy and I truly thinksthese two products might be the reason why. To people with oily skin, don't be alarmed by the word "Oil" Jojoba Oil is actually a wax! I use about 2 drops of Jojoba Oil and 1 drop of Tea Tree Oil both in the morning and evening, then i rub my hand together and press the product gentle onto my skin, the same way I apply my serums. 

I use this eye cream for the daytime, because it has brightening elements to it. That way I look more awake during the day - which is needed !

For nighttime I don't need the brightening effect. I just want something cooling and easy to apply, that's why I use this product! I love how cooling it is and how fast and easy it is to apply.

The top 3 products you definitely should try if you have problem skin is:

1. Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum.
2. Jojoba Oil and Tea Tree Oil.
3. Avéne Clearance Soapless Gel Cleanser.