Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Here are some of my flat footwear picks for summer - shoes that you should definitely bring with you on vacation !

First we got the simple flip flop - I think mine are from Target, I bought them last summer. You gotta have a pair of flip flop for when you're going to the beach or the pool or you just to walk around in. I'm one of those people that find flip flops super comfy, some people can't stand the strap between the toes, but i really don't notice it. I think it depends on the type of material the shoe is made of too. The plastic ones aren't that comfortable, but any type of soft material, like cotton would be the best.

Second pair is the very popular between the toes sandals - my pair is from Forever 21, they make a ton of these types of sandals, and they are really inexpensive! I think they are great at dressing up and outfit and they are really comfy as well.

Third pair is the same style as the second - this pair is from Loft, I bought mine on sale. These have a little more bling going on, with the beads and the bright yellow color, which is perfect for the summer time. These sandals have a rubber bottom, so you won't slip and slide in these shoes. I feel like these would look great either during the day with shorts and a tank top or dressed up for night time.

Fourth pair is ballerina flats - I feel like this is a shoe that can easily make your outfit more dressed up, depending on the look of the shoe. If they are shiny and black, you look more dressed up. If they are brown like mine or any type of color, they look more down to earth. These are great goint to dinner and walking around in the city.

Fifth pair is a sandal as well - this pair is from H&M. These sandals are kinda funky and looks interesting on, because of the different straps and the bright blue color of the soles. They are nice and lightweight to walk in, but will definitely give you a weird looking tan-line, if you're walking around in them in the bight sunlight!

The sixth and last pair is the two strap sandal - everybody is talking about Birkenstocks nowadays, I didn't want to use a lot of money on this trend, because I didn't know if they would look good on me, but I ended up liking them a lot. These are again the type of shoe you can just slip inside and walk to the pool or the beach and chill. They are very comfy and molds to the curve of your feet.