Monday, June 2, 2014

I have been trying to figure out for the longest time, how I could store my nail polishes in a fun way, so I would be able to see them all. Because you know how you keep buying new polishes and the old ones get stored away in the closet somewhere and you never use them. Yes... I don't want that to happen anymore, so i made this nail polish rack out of Kapa Line White Foam Board, that can store about 90 nail polishes! The foam board I used was 10 mm in thickness and 70x100 cm in width and length.

If you want to know how I made this, then keep on reading...

First some things you are going to use. A glue gun, to glue everything together, a hobby knife to cut all the pieces out and a pencil to mark where to cut. And then of course the foam board!

Here is a picture to make it easier for you to understand how I marked and cut the 70 cm x 100 cm foam board out. The first part of this drawing shows the size of the whole foam board I bought and how i marked and cut it. So I cut 1 x (50cm x 66cm) piece out, this is going to be the back of the nail polish rack. Then I gut out 7 x (50cm x 5cm) pieces out, these are going to be the shelves where the nail polishes stand on. And lastly I cut out 2 x (66cm x 6cm) pieces out, these are going to be the sides to the nail polish rack.

After cutting all those pieces out with a hobby knife I marked the back board (50x66) with 5 lines, that had a 9,5 cm space between them, these lines are going to be where you want to place the shelve pieces (50x5)
Then I just glued on the shelves using the glue gun. Then i turned the rack on it's side and made sure to cover the side of the back board, but also the small sides from the shelves with glue before gluing on one of the (66x6) pieces on. Then I turned it around to the other side and did the exact same. 
Let it dry.

What I did as an extra step was to paint the foam board in all the areas that had been cut, because the foam inside the board has a slightly more cream color than white, and I wanted the whole thing to have the exact same color. But you can totally skip this step!

I choose to hang my nail polish rack up on my wall with two screws. Then just fill the shelves with your nail polishes and your DONE!

This is the finished nail polish rack with nail polish on it.

Please send me your pictures on twitter, if you make one yourself!

Hope you enjoyed it!