Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The products I have been using for my hair at the moment.

This conditioner/mask is seriously the best! It has an AMAZINGLY fruity smell and leaves your hair incredibly soft. It's inexpensive and on top of that the packaging is super easy to use, there is no lid you have to pop open, you simply just squeeze the bottle and the product comes out at the bottom.

I don't use this product on a daily basis. But if I want a beachy/messy hair look, this is the product I reach for. The name of the product has the word "wax" in it, I wouldn't call this product a wax though, it's more like a paste. When I use it I scoop a bit out with my finger and rub it into my palms and then scrunch it into my hair. Works great! The product smell kinda like a basic hair spray, so if u don't have a problem with that smell, then you will like this product.

This such a great daily conditioner. This stuff smell amazing and leaves your hair super soft. It's kinda a thicker conditioner than some others, which I like, and I feel like that's why is leaves my hair so soft.
I know that VO5 redesigned their products, so the product in the stores probably won't look like the one I have anymore.

I bought this about a month ago and immediately fell in love with it! First of all I love the packaging, it's so nice to hold in your hand. It's smells great and the spray part sprays a nice fine mist. 

So this product is actually Danish... So for all of you readers that don't have a Matas Store near you, i'm sorry. But I will tell you my other favorite dry shampoo in a bit.
This dry shampoo is so, so, so super awesome. What I like about it, is that it doesn't only leave your hair looking clean, but it also gives your hair a ton of volume! Which is exactly what I need! This dry shampoo comes in normal and one for dark hair. They also make an unperfumed verison and it's inexpensive.
So for my other favorite dry shampoo, it's the Batiste Original Dry Shampoo. I didn't add this on the picture, because I thought one dry shampoo would be enough, but i'm going to mention it. This dry shampoo, is great at making your hair look and feel clean, I don't think it gives your hair as much volume though.

This oil is amazing, it has a more runny consistency than a lot of other hair oils and I like that, because it's doesn't feel as heavy on my hair. It doesn't really have a strong smell, and I can't really put my finger on what it smells like. It's just kinda natural smelling. But this oil works amazing and leaves my hair nice and soft.

I use this as the first thing on my hair, when I get out of the shower. This instantly smoothes my hair and makes it super easy to brush out. The way it leaves my hair, kinda reminds me of the It's A 10 Leave In Product, which is everybody's, including my holy grail. It smells super good, kinda fruity. Package is great and it has a pump, which makes it easy to get the right amount of product out.

THE HOLY GRAIL PRODUCT! Yes I must admit, this stuff is seriously AWESOME! I feel like it completely does what it says on the packaging which is:
Repairs dry, damaged hair
Adds shine
Seals and protects hair color
Prevents split ends
Stops hair breakage
Creates silkiness
Enhances natural body
Flat iron spray and thermal protector
Like.. could you ask for more??? This product is not inexpensive though, it's kinda up there, so if you have the money and want to use them on a very nice hair product, go for it! You won't be disappointed with this one!

This product is a recent found for me. I had never heard of hair tonics before, only tonics/toners for your face. But this one is for your hair scalp. You part you hair, spray 3 times along the part, rub it in, part you hair again, spray, and do that in 5 different parts around the front of your hair, like if you where just normally finding your part (middle part, side part, deep side par..). This tonic is so cool. When you have sprayed all of your sections, you will start feeling kinda of a tingly sensation. Like when you use those menthol lip balms, it's going to feel very refreshening and it's just a really different feeling on your scalp. I like the packaging, it's easy to spray without getting the product everywhere else, but your hair. The smell though, is not the best. It's really strong and kinda smell like alcohol. But the smell kinda goes away when your hair is dry. So if u want to try something new and cool, you should try this, it isn't that expensive either. 

Hope you enjoyed it!